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Everyday No.7 make up collection!

Personally these are my favourite type of blog posts to read, I love seeing what products other people use and generally just being quit nosey! So here we go this is my No.7 make up collection of make up I use on a day to day basic, someday I don't use all of this especially when I don't have much time to get ready in the morning but if I'm going out for the day this is my face! 

No.7 Beautifully Matte primer. 

The first item I use daily is a primer! I have really oily skin so Matte products tend to work best for me. I love porefessional by Benefit; but this is a cheaper alternative at just £10.50 and it basically does the same thing! Beautifully Matte make up base is pearly off white paste that glides onto the skin really easily and makes foundation application a lot smoother! I apply this to my face using my fingers because I can control how much product I use, and where I want to apply this. It claims to contains cucumber extracts to help soothe skin and Salicylic acid to help fight against spot causing bacteria; but I haven't noticed a different in my skin in general using this product.  

Beautifully Matte foundation and Match Made concealer. 

The first make up product I use is concealer. My favourite No.7 concealer is the match made concealer in deeply ivory, I have really pale skin but I prefer to use a concealer one shade darker so that it doesn't highlight my blemishes. I apply this to my blemishes and surrounding skin using a concealer brush before applying my foundation. I love the consistency of this product, it's really thick but doesn't smudge or crease on my face after a full days wear.  This concealer retails at £7.50 so it is a bit more pricey than some concealers out there but I do think with the results of this product it's worth it! 

The next product I use it the Beautifully Matter foundation in Calico, it has a medium to high coverage but is really buildable! I use a pea size amount of this and using a liquid foundation brush I blend this all over my face and neck, making sure I work it into my skin so it doesn't just sit on the top! It claims to last up to 14 hours, my results with this vary on a day to day basis depending what I'm doing: some days do last longer than others, and some I have to reapply powder to my checks and nose.  If you don't know what shade to get, or if you think you're in between shades boots offers a colour match service so you can see which colour foundation suits your skin best! You don't have to pay any extra for this service so it's definitely worth seeing which shade they suggest for you! The foundation itself retails at £13.50 and it does last me about 5 months.

Perfect Light translucent pressed powder. 

To set my foundation and concealer I use a light powder with a 'big fluffy brush' all over my face, I do sometimes have to reapply this through out the day depending on what activities I'm doing! I personally prefer translucent powders because I have really pale skin and sometimes I can't find the perfect colour match for my skin, so this is definitely a good alternative if you can't match a colour with your skin. The Perfect Light translucent pressed powder retails at £11.50.

Lash & Brow Perfecter .

I have thick eyebrows so I don't really feel the need to fill them in with a coloured product, but this Lash & Brow Perfecter is a perfect alternative! It's a clear gel with a small spoolie brush applicator, that's really easy to control how much product you use and where you actually place the product because of how small the brush is. It keeps my eyebrows in place all day and you can't actually see that there's anything on them so it looks really natural but well groomed. This can also be used on your eyelashes if you don't want to use mascara. At £8.50 I have seen other clear eyebrow perfecter on the market but I do tend to pick up all my No.7 make up when it's on 3 for 2 or 'buy one get one half price' at boots!  

Perfectly Bronzed beads. 

If I'm going out somewhere I like to use bronzer to contour my my checks and jaw line using my Perfectly Bronzed beads. The pot contains three different coloured beads one light, one dark and one with a pinky tone. Used for contouring or bronzing these beads are a perfect variety of colours, not to glittery yet not perfectly matte. They don't smudge throughout the day and you can definitely still see the colour after being out and about all day, which is what you definitely want from a bronzer. These retail at £9.95.

Soft Damson Blush Tint Powder.

To add extra colour to my checks I like to use a light blusher! My current favourite is the soft damson natural blush tint powder, which is a really pale pink colour with a slight shimmer! This is a great colour for when you haven't got a tan or if you just want a natural look. This blusher is available in four other colours and in a cream if powder blushers isn't your thing! This retails at £8.00 and considering the packaging for this is really small it's already lasted me about 5 months and I haven't hit pan yet! 

Instant Radiance Highlighter.

A highlighter is definitely my favourite make up item this can really intensify your look! I love that this highlighter is in a stick form so I can just glide it onto my face and blend it out with my fingers! It's a really light gold shimmery colour that's really reflects the light perfectly giving you a really refreshed look! This is perfect for travelling as well because you don't have to take any make up brushes with you so it's really convenient. The retail value for this is £9.95.

I hope you all enjoyed browsing my current 'everyday No.7 make up collection! I've left all the link to the products down below. Thank you for reading! xo.



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