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Looking for a cheaper alternative to expensive professional manicures?

If you love having your nails done but are finding it quite expensive to have gel done every couple of weeks, then I've found the perfect product for you! Sensationail is an at home gel manicure kit that provides up to 2 weeks of wear! (Personally I can get 3/4 weeks worth of wear from this.) 

Sensationail deluxe gel starter kit. 

I had this kit for Christmas from my parents because I was always painting my nails but they never lasted, so they thought this would be the perfect gift for me. They were right! Starter kits start at £69.99 and comes with the pro 3060 LED lamp and all the essentials needed to do the gel nails including two different coloured gels, there are different kits available if you don't like pink. I do my nails and my mums about once a month and I still have over half a bottle of the gel cleanser and three quarters of the primer and base and top coat! To repurchase the essentials they sell them individual and as an essentials kit which is £22.50 but I think this kit would actually last about a year if you was doing you nails twice a month. 

Sensationail essentials.

The instructions are really easy to follow and it takes about half an hour to an hour to finish the gels once you've got the hang of it, which I feel is quite a reasonable time. The instructions do state that you need to apply a thin layer of the colour first and I can't stress how thin it needs to be. If you apply a thick coat of the colour gel first something makes it shrink on your nail and you end up with gaps all around your nails so the thinner the better. Also if you're using glitter you need to do the second coat thicker so that you get an even spread of glitter all over. Other than that, all the sensationail gels I've tried go on really well and don't go clumpy at all when you apply them. If you get them on your skin around your nails just wipe it off before you put your nails under than lamp and it comes off really easily. 

Instruction card. 

 You can only do four fingers at a time using this lamp because it is quite small, and I prefer to do one thumb at a time too so that the gel sets evenly. But you can actually fit your foot in it if you want to have gel on your toes, at first I didn't think it would fit but you only need it on the edge and your nails glow when they are under the lamp so you can tell if they are under enough. For the bottom and top coat you only need to set them for 30 seconds and then lamp actually bleeps when the time is done so you don't have to worry about any timing issues which is great if this is the first time you've tried something like this!  

Led lamp. 

There is loads of colours available so you definitely don't have to worry about not finding a colour you like! Sensationail website itself offers a 12 bottles for the price of 8 years round as far as I can tell, but if you only want to buy a couple then occasionally boots have them on 3 for 2 which is definitely when I stock up on different colours. Individual prices start at £12.50 but prices do vary slightly depending on where you get them.  They also release new colour for different holidays and season which I really like. The price also makes them perfect christmas and birthday presents.

Different colours available. 

My overall thoughts on this product is that the glitter gels are definitely more hard wearing and I can get about 3/4 weeks worth of chip free wear from them, where as the plain colours last me about 2/3 weeks. So it still works out a lot cheaper over the long run to use this even if it only lasts 2 weeks. I now have 8 different gels and I wouldn't go back to using normal nail varnish on my finger nails unless I did feel they needed a break from gel, which at the moment after using this for 6 months I haven't noticed any difference in my nail so I will continue to use this. The range of colours is fantastic and then prices aren't that bad at £12.50 for a whole bottle which is still probably cheaper than most gel manicure prices. My only issue with this is the removal, it can be a nightmare if you haven't got much time or patience. (I lack both of these.) So I do find myself peeling the gel off which I know is really bad for your nails.

Overall I would give this product 9 out of 10 as I really recommend it! 
Thank you all for reading I hope you all enjoyed. Michelle xo. 



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