Thursday, 25 June 2015

Mini Primark necklace haul!

Primark haul. 

With small fashion necklaces everywhere in every shop at the moment I thought I'd head to Primark to see what they had to offer and they didn't disappoint. I selected four different necklaces, two in sliver and two in gold. I didn't want them all to look the same so I made sure that I selected all different styles! 

Three tier necklace.

The first one I selected was this lovely gold necklace. It was the most expensive out of the four at £2 which isn't exactly braking the bank! This necklace features the most details, with the thin chain connecting to main part of the necklace by two little rings. It connects to a lovely three tiered statement feature. The top and the bottom tiers are flat and have detailing all along, the middle section is a plain round chain with no detailing! I really like the small detailing on this necklace as it really stands out when you wear it with a plain top. 

Tier detailing.

Twisted necklace.

This dainty sliver necklace retails at £1.50. The chain connects to the main feature of the necklace which is a lovely twisted style chain. Because the chain of this necklace is so thin it really reflects the lights and looks quite glittery when worn, which is really adds to the design of this necklace because of how plain it actually is! 

Twisted detail. 

Triangle necklace. 

The cheapest out of the four was this gold necklace. At just £1 this is perfect to accessorise a plain top or dress. I love the detailing, even though it's really thin and plain the three small triangles really stand out. The triangles are all identical and have some detailing engraved into them. This necklace looks really nice worn with a striped top because the triangles really stand out against the different colours. 

Triangle necklace detail. 

The last necklace I selected was this silver two layer chain. The first layer is slightly shorter than the bottom layer, which looks really nice on. The chain is very thin and both layers have a small metal tube covering part of the necklace. It has an adjustable neck so you can do it up at different lengths if you prefer longer/ shorter necklaces and depending on what you're wearing. This necklace retails at £1.50 which is a bargain, and it can definitely be worn with most casual outfits and added to plain outfits to make them slightly more dressy. 

Two layer necklace. 

I hope you all enjoyed browsing at some of the necklaces available in Primark at the moment! Thank you reading! xo. 


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