Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Gillette Venus Snap Review!

I'm definitely a bit late jumping on the band wagon with this, but here goes anyway! Today I thought I'd review the Gillette Venus Snap with Embrace shaver. It's the first 'on the go' shave that I've seen on the market and I will be honest, I did purchase this because it just looks so cute!

Venus case. 

The shaver itself sits in a plastic case which makes it perfect to keep it in your hand bag or just to keep in your wash bag for travelling! I'm going on holiday next week so I thought this would be perfect because I always have to find something to put my regular shaver in because it hasn't got a cover for the actual blades. The case also has little holes in the bottom so if there is any water left on the shaver it can drain out and it wont go rusty! I like the colours of this product! I like that the case is blue but the shaver itself is pink so it's not overly girl but is still really cute and feminie. 

Slide view.

When I first unpacked this product I thought it might be quite hard to shave with because the handle is so small, but it really isn't hard at all. The circle on the handle is really easy to hold, it fits perfectly under your thumb and is really light. I personally use the shaver head that this comes with anyway so I have no problem with that aspect. It has 5 blades so it gives a really close and clean shave. It does say that you can just wet the razor and it's ready to use, which is perfect for on the go or on holiday if you don't want to take shaving gel with you. But I personally prefer to still use a shaving gel with the shaver. What I like about Gillette shavers in general is you can use any of the shaver heads with each handle so if you wanted to purchase the sensitive shaver heads then you can still get this and then just use a different shaver head. 

The shaver. 

This is definitely a cute products. With that aside I'd definitely recommend this for travel or just for throwing in your handbag! I really like that you can use different Gillette shaver heads with this product so you don't have to re purchase the whole shaver every time! It is £9.99 so it is quite expensive to start with because it only come with one shaver head, but once you've purchased the handle and case you don't have to pay that much again when you just repurchase the multipacks of shaver heads.

The shaver.

Thank you all for reading this post, I hope you all enjoyed! 

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