Friday, 10 July 2015

Mitchum Review.

Today I thought I'd throw in another review! This time on one of my June favourites: the Mitchum Advance 48hr Protection anti-perspirant & deodorant in Pure Fresh. I'd always used Dove deodorant since I can remember but I really fancied a change because I'd got bored off all the Dove scents! When I went shopping I saw these and they were all on offer so I thought I'd try one! I smelt all of them and the Pure Fresh was definitely my favourite out of all of them! Like I mentioned in my June favourites it's really hard to describe the scent of this product, it reminds me of lemons and washing that's been dried outside on the line maybe?

It claims to have 'ultra powerful sweat + odour control' and I really believe that! I can smell it throughout the day as I'm moving around and I really feel protected when I use this! As for the 48 hour protection, I can't really comment because I shower ever day so I don't wear it continuously for that long, but I imagine that it would actually provide you with that much protection if you did want to wear it for that long. 

I got the roller ball applicator style because that's what I usually pick up when I buy the Dove deodorants. I do slightly wish I got either the spray or the cream instead though because it is really wet and sticky when you first apply it. It's definitely not a formula where you can apply this and get dressed straight away because you have to dance around a bit for it to dry! Once it is dry though I haven't noticed that it's rubbed off on any of my clothes which is good! The only other issue is that it makes my underarms white when it dries, I don't know if it's because I apply too much or if it just does that for everyone? 

I also really like the packaging of this product! All of the women's range are light green (men's are dark green) and then each scent has a colour so it's easy to see which is which! I also like the the shape of the bottle, it's easy to hold when you apply the product and it's not as bulky as spray can deodorants so it's perfect if you're going travelling! 

Overall I think this is a really good providing you wait for it to dry before you get dressed otherwise it makes you look like you've got sweat patches because it's so wet and sticky! I love the scent and I would definitely recommend and repurchase this product again in the future!

Mitchum deodorant. 

I hope you all enjoyed this little review, please check out some of my other reviews down below! Thank you for reading! 
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