Friday, 17 July 2015

Summer Sale Haul!

Welcome back to my blog! Today I'm going to be doing a summer sale clothing haul. With my holiday just around the corner I was desperate to find some outfits to take! I looked everywhere; online, in stores and in catalogues but nothing really excited me. That was until I went shopping. I'm usually the person that complains when there's a sale because I can never usually find what I'm looking for or my size but this time I managed to find more than I needed, so as you do I got it all. (It was in the sale so that's justifiable, right?)

Sale haul. 

My first stop was Topshop where I generally find that size 6 in everything fits me perfectly, so I can just pick what I like and done, but not with these shorts! I couldn't even get the size 6 up my legs, possibly because they are really high wasted shorts so I ended up getting an 8. These unfortunately weren't in the sale so they were £36.00 but I really liked the fit when I eventually found a size 8. The shorts themselves are cream with navy, coral and cobalt blue stripes. I like that they are a really thick and structured material so you can't see any through them. 

Front- Boucle striped high-waisted shorts.

They sit just above my belly button so they are really high waisted but with a plain crop top they look amazing. The legs are also quite long so they cover everything that should be covered and they just look really flattering with a pair of heels or sandals. The front of the shorts have two patch pockets, and as you can see from the picture below the back is plain. 

Back- Boucle striped high-waisted shorts.

My next item is also from Topshop and it's this lovely bright red chiffon peter pan collared shirt. It features the same lace detailing on the collar, along the bottom and across the chest. Although it is a really thin material you can't actually see through it because they detailing lays directly over your bra. It does up with buttons which fasten at the front. Because of all the detailing this is definitely something you can dress up or down, personally I purchased this to wear with a pair of denim shorts. I got this for £12 instead of £36 which is a bargain, and I'd definitely get more of these if it was available in different colours. 

Peter pan collar shirt.

My next stop was Jack Wills where I do tend to avoid when there isn't a sale, purely because I hardly wear my summer clothes after I'm back from holiday so I just don't see a point in paying a lot for something that's going to be worn a handful of times. Fortunately there was a up to 50% off sale so I was in luck! I tried loads of dresses on in here and loved them all but ended up buying two the same in different colours because they didn't need altering at all (which is definitely a first for me). I also got both these dresses in a size 6 so they do seem true to size.

Mornick shirt dress in coral stripe.

The first colour I got was this lovely coral stripe dress. I love the length of this dress it's just above my knees so it isn't really short or really long which I prefer. The top half of this dress is quite a tight fit and then at the waist is flares out so it is a skater style dress. The skirt part of this dress has an under skirt so it does flare out slightly more than a normal skater dress, and it has two pockets on the hips so they do make it a bit more bulky. I was worried that the V neck would be too low, but that wasn't the case. It also has three light white buttons and zip at the side so it's easy to get on.


Because I liked the coral stripe one so much I thought I'd get the navy too. The navy seems a lot easier to wear because it's plain and darker than the coral. The fit is exactly the same and the length is also just above my knee. They were both £39 instead of £69.50 each.

Mornick shirt dress in navy.

My next stop was New Look where I was looking for some tops to wear with some shorts I already had. The first top I picked up was this cream lace stripe lace crop top. They didn't have a size 6 in the store I went, so I got an 8 and it fits the same as all my other size 6 tops. It has quite a high neck and then really thin spaghetti straps across the shoulders. Length wise it stops just above my belly button so it's perfect for high waisted shorts in the summer and even high waisted jeans if it's a bit cooler. 

Cream lace stripe crop top.

Behind the lace of this top is another layer so it's definitely not see through at all, it's also lined with a really soft material. The lace itself has stripes of different patterns on. One of the stripes features a rose print pattern and then the other is an symmetric diamond print. I like that this top isn't all the same pattern of lace because it really makes it stand out and it doesn't just look like a plain top. I paid £9.99 for this top, they also have this in black if you don't like cream. 

Cream lace stripe crop top.

At £7.99 I couldn't leave this top behind. It really did remind me of a top I wore to death when I was 5. First I love the print, it's a really bright yellow/green background with purple, blue and khaki flowers and leaves. Because of the halter neck style of this top it is really high around my neck, but then the back is really low. It is a crop top but it's slightly longer than the one above so it stops just below my belly button. When I got everything home I thought this was the perfect top to wear with my grey Hollister shorts below. 

Yellow floral print halter neck top. 

The final stop of the day was Hollister, a shop that I tend to just forget about when shopping. As soon as I walked in I fell in love with all of their summer floral prints. Because of the sale there wasn't much left in XS but I did find this dress mixed in with some others. It doesn't look much on the hanger, but when it's on the top of the dress is really nice. It has a halter neck style top that crosses over which looks really flattening on. It also tucks in on the waist and falls really nice. The material is really soft and quite thin so it's perfect for warm weather. I payed £23 in store for this dress but online it's £23.40.

Knit skater dress.

I can't go on holiday without taking denim shorts, they're perfect for a casual outfit in the day but also easy enough to dress up for a night outfit with a nice top. I used to get my denim shorts from Gilly Hicks before they closed down last year so I thought I'd try a pair from here instead! They fit exactly the same as Gilly Hicks clothing used to fit, I got a size 0 which is a UK size 6. I decided on a dark grey colour because they look completely different to all my other denim shorts. They aren't very thick denim but they are thick enough so that you can see any underwear lines (bonus). The thin denim means they're great for warmer weather. What I liked most about these shorts is that they're high waisted and have tidy frayed edges so they don't look scruffy. I paid £18.99 for these in store but they are £20 online for some reason. 

Hollister high rise shorts.

Thank you all for reading I hope you all enjoyed! Leave a comment down below of the favourite sale item you've ever bought!
Michelle xo. 


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