Sunday, 9 August 2015

Packing Mayhem!

Since packing is generally the first part of any holiday, I thought this would be the perfect way to kick start my summer series. I definitely have a love hate relationship with packing! I love getting everything ready and I love that it's the last thing I do before I go on holiday, but I can never usually fit everything I want in my suitcase and I'm generally over the baggage limit which leads me to the fact I am an over packer! This year I tried a different technique and it actually seemed to work, I had everything I needed and I wasn't over the baggage limit *go me*! So here we go, here is my guide to packing for a sunny summer holiday!

Everything that's in my suitcase! 
-14 night outfits with underwear.
-11 day outfits with a couple of things to wear at the beach.
-Some bikinis.
-Beach/ pool flip flops.
-Night shoes.
-A comfortable pair of sandals to walk around in for the day.
-Chargers for every electrical item I'm taking.
-Toiletry bag.
-Hair dryer and straighteners if you use these.
-A pair of PJ's for each week.
-Beach bag, towels and any snorkeling equipment you need.
-A bag or purse for the night.

 When I shop for holiday clothes I like to buy outfits rather than individual pieces, dresses and playsuits  take up less shape and weight than a skirt and a top for instance. I also separate things into day and night outfits. Obviously if you are staying in a villa or don't have certain dress codes for the hotel restaurant then you can wear the same clothes all day, but in the hotel we stay, they have a dress code.

My day clothes. 

Day clothes: For the day I generally take 11 outfits, this includes mostly playsuits but I do like to include a pair of denim shorts and some tops so I can wear the shorts more than once. Because I know I go to the beach and pool everyday I also take 2/3 beach cover ups! This year I have chosen to take a kimono, a thin dress that ties at the front and a pair of white shorts. I take these separate to the day outfits because I don't mind if they get ruined with sun tan lotion, or if they get wet at the beach, and they are thin enough to wash out without needed a washing machine or an iron.

Swimwear collection. 

Personally I know I spend most of the day in the sea or around the pool so I take around 9 bikinis. I take some older ones to wear in the pool because the chlorine stripes the colour, then I take my new ones for at the beach and to wear under my day clothes for going to breakfast or just walking around. I've done a full holiday bikini collection here if you want to see more about the actual bikinis I'm taking. 

My night clothes.

Night clothes: For the night I pre plan 14 outfits at home so that I know I have enough when I get there. Because I spend more time wearing the night clothes than the day clothes, I like to have an assortment of dresses, playsuit, shorts etc. so if I don't feel comfortable wearing the shorts I have other things I can wear instead. Along with the outfits I pack a lightweight cardigan just in case the nights are a bit cold. I also pack my underwear with my nightclothes to avoid any vpl's and to make sure I have the right strapless bras or underwear styles for each outfit.

Shoes are definitely the hardest thing I find to pack because I like to have different options. I don't take any heels on holiday because I know once I'm there I wont wear them so I stick to flip flops and sandals. This year I had 4 pairs of sandals and flip flops for the night, a pair of comfortable shoes for the day and two pairs of beach flip flops so I could use one in the room when the others were drying.

Toiletries and make up bags. 

For toiletries I make a list the week before I go of any toiletries or medication that I use and then pack using that. This is also a good tip for if you don't know how much of each product you need to take. I also take a compact travel hair dryer and my straighteners. I will have a full what's in my toiletry bag post on here next week if you're interested in that!

Although I don't pack any of my actual electrical devices within my suitcase I do pack my chargers and any batteries I might need for my cameras, purely because it makes going through security faster because you don't have to take everything out of your bag. I do store them all in a small wash bag to keep them all together and to stop them getting tangled.

Beach towels and bag. 

I pack a large beach bag for the day big enough for a towel, some clothes and a large bottle of water. This is the bag I use everyday if I go out somewhere or even if I'm just staying around the pool. I also pack my snorkel and goggles because I love swimming and I get bored if I'm just laying around on the beach. For the night I just pack a simple bag that will match everything to save on space. 

I hope you all found this useful if you have any tips you would like to share with me about packing please leave them down below in the comments! 


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  1. All of your clothes look so cute and colorful! I hope you enjoy your trip <3