Saturday, 15 August 2015

Safety in the Sun?

We might have visions of going on holiday and doing nothing but laying in the sun all day and coming home with an amazing tan, but there are some thing you can do to stay safer in the sun and still have an amazing relaxing holiday. 

Here are my five top tip for staying safer in the sun! 

1. Bring all different factors of sun tan lotion and apply them continusiously through out the day. Even if you aren't sitting or laying directly in the sun you can still burn when you are walking around. If the sun tan lotion says its waterproof you still need to reapply it after being in water! 
2. Pack some coverups that cover your shoulders, a hat and some sun glasses.
3. Staying hydrated is key if you don't want to suffer from heat exhaustion or sun stroke. If you are planning on drinking alcohol on holiday make sure you drink plenty of water as well because alcohol can actually dehydrate you. Also with the heat you'll sweat more so you're losing more fluids than you would normally.
4. Everyone has visions of laying around the pool or on the beach all day but try and avoid laying in the sun all day especially at the hottest points of the day. Go swimming, do some walking or sit under the shade to give your self a rest, even if it's just for an hour. The hottest point of the day is usually dinner time when a lot of the locals have a siesta. 
5. Know when you've had enough! If you feel like you're burning then you most probably are. If you feel dizzy, lightheaded or ill then you need to drink more and sit out of the direct sunlight and seek medical advise if your condition gets worse. 

I hope you found some of these tips useful, if you have any other tips then please leave them down below in the comments.


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