Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Welcome to August!

This was scheduled to go up on the first of August when I got back from holiday but I pressed the wrong date, so here we go second time lucky!

Since I got back from my holiday on Saturday I decided to give myself a little break to unpack, get back into work and to organise myself ready for my next holiday in a week which wasn't planned at all. This months posts are all going to be holiday themed, since August is usually the most popular time for people to go on holiday. They will include a Triangl bikini review and some what's in my bag posts.

I want to thank everyone that's taken the time to read my blog posts and also like and follow me on Instagram and Bloglovin', I hope you have all enjoyed the posts so far and I can't wait to get straight back into writing some posts for you since the last two weeks of posts were written in advance and I've actually really missed this!

Michelle xo.

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