Sunday, 6 September 2015

Banish those Holiday Blues!

I thought I'd mix things up again today with some tips of what not to do, when trying to banish those holiday blues. 

After spending four weeks relaxing at the beach without a single care in the world, the holidays blues were inevitable especially knowing I was straight back to work the next day. I did actually think that I'd avoided the holiday blues but come day 10 of being home, they hit me strong! 

I'd spent my first five days home searching youtube for some of the songs that were played everyday, when I eventually found the four I was looking for, hearing them was quite pleasant. It took my right back there, sitting around the table enjoying some food and a drink with family and friends. Eventually after having these songs playing on repeat all day everyday and scrolling through the pictures on my phone it just made me slightly depressed. Playing music that I associate with holiday was probably going to end bad anyway so those songs are now off the playlist for at least a month. As for scrolling through the pictures everyday and every night that's also off the list for a while. Whilst looking at them brings back loads of wonderful memories, it does just make me want to be back there even more. 

I've also discovered that sitting on my laptop searching for yet another holiday (that isn't going to happen) also isn't really helping the situation and there is a lot of more productive things I could be doing with my day. 

Next comes the dreaded unpacking, washing and putting it all away. Whilst putting the dreading holiday washing away I decided that planning new outfit combinations was a good idea. They are never going to work with the wonderful British weather we are currently experiencing, but it would be nice to think that I might actually be able to wear my summer clothes again before next year.  

Finally, it is nice when everyone asks if you've had a nice holiday but after two weeks of questions it slightly breaks my soul thinking how long ago it was since I was on holiday. Especially when you tell people about the things that happen on holiday which seem like forever and a day ago. 

I hope it's not just me that does all these things that really don't help the holiday blues in the slightest! If you think I've left anything out, please leave me a comment down below.


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  1. The holiday blues suck. I usually get them once Christmas is over & there's no more holidays to look forward to for a couple months. :]

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