Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Essential Primark Top Collection.

Here is my essential Primark top collection. I hadn't been in Primark for a good couple of weeks, so I thought I'd have a little browse at some of their autumn clothes that they've started having in. I decided to pick up a couple of basic tops that I could wear now, that will also be suitable in a couple of months when the weather gets colder. 

The first top that caught my eye was this tan 'suede' boxy top. It's got quite a boxy fitting, so it's really baggy and comfortable. I loved the fabric of this top, it's really soft and isn't itchy at all. It has a zip detailing at the back that makes it look a lot more expensive than it actually was. The front of the top also has some detailing, this time some stitching that separates the front into four squares. It's quite a orange tan colour but it matches most coloured jeans, so it's definitely very wearable. I also like that it's quite casual by itself but you can easily dress it up if you were going out for a meal. I did pay £10 for this which does seem quite expensive for Primark, but I have seen tops similar in shops such as NewLook and Tesco's where they retail for a lot more than this.  

Everyone needs a plain black long sleeve top right? I picked this one because it was slightly longer in length than the standard basic black t-shirts that they stock all year, it was also only £5. The back of the top is also longer than the front so it's perfect for wearing with jeggings if you prefer something a bit longer. The sleeves are fitted but the body is a lot looser and falls really nicely. Because the material is quite thin it does crease very easily so if you don't like clothes than crease easy this probably isn't the black top for you. As for sizing I got my normal size and it fits perfectly.

I got this tan crop top because I needed a top to wear with my patterned trousers that had a bit of a sleeve, but also something that wasn't a full on t-shirt. It's a ribbed cotton material which I don't usually go for but I couldn't find any jersey crop tops with a cap sleeve. I did pick up my normal size which is a size 6, but if I did purchase one of these tops again I would size up just so it is a little bit looser. It was only £3 so I'm not really bothered if this only lasts for the next couple of weeks being a crop top, as it is perfect for what I wanted it for. 

Stripes are definitely my favourite prints/styles for the autumn season. I picked up this white and black stripe long sleeve top that was £5. Again it's a ribbed cotton top. The neck is quite high so it's perfect to pair with a statement necklace. It is quite fitted compared to the plain black t-shirt, but this would be perfect with a pair of ripped jeans or a plain black A-line skirt. Like the previous top I would size up in this top if I bought it in another colour, just because although it fits it is quite tight and the neck is quite tight. 

Thank you for reading, I hope you've had some inspiration for some basic wardrobe essentials for autumn.



  1. These are all so nice! I have the tan crop top in a coral colour but the tan one is definitely more autumn appropriate... I'll be making a primak trip soon for sure!



  2. I love this post. Primark basics can be so good! http://lilshealthandbeauty.blogspot.co.uk