Saturday, 12 September 2015

How I Clean my Makeup Brushes!

Since my Primark brush review is one of my most popular posts, I thought I'd share with you how I clean my brushes. This can be used with all makeup brushes regardless to if they're Primark Beauty or not. 

What you'll need:
Baby shampoo, I'm using Johnson's because it was on offer. But any baby shampoo will work.
A sink full of warm water.
A towel to place the brushes on once you've washed them.
Your makeup brushes.

Once you've got all this you're ready to go.

1. First wet the brush under a running warm water tap. 

2. Apply some baby shampoo directly on the brush.

3. Massage the shampoo into the brush by moving the brush along your fingers. This allows the shampoo to get between the hairs.

4. Swish the brush around in the warm water.

5. Again using your fingers drain the water from the brush.

6. If you still feel there is makeup on the brush, you can repeat sets 2-5 again. 

7. When you're happy that you've removed all the makeup from the brush, place the brush under running water again.

8. Drain the brush and then using your fingers reshape the hairs of the brush so that it doesn't dry strange.

9. Repeat all the sets above with each brush.

10. Leave them to dry on a small towel for a couple of hours or until the hairs are completely dry throughout. 

10. Rewash your brushes at least every month to get rid of the old makeup, oil and dirt from the brushes.

Thank you for reading, if you use anything else to clean your makeup brushes let me know down below in the comments! 



  1. Great post! Very informative. =) I usually just clean my brushes with normal soap, but using baby shampoo sounds like a good idea!

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  2. This seems like a much easier and cheaper routine than actually buying makeup brush cleaners! Will defiantly be trying the baby shampoo :)