Tuesday, 15 September 2015

University Top Tips!


Move to university, stay in halls or a shared house, if you're financially able to then do it. Even if it's just for your first year! 

Take every opportunity. Not matter how small it seems. 

Do lots of work experience before you need to so you've got contacts. Contacts are great, you never know when you might need someones help. 

Go out for freshers! Every night. Even if you don't drink, just go out and socialise with everyone.

Buy a copy of cite them right. You don't want to be thrown off a university course for plagiarism. They take this seriously. 

Join as many societies as you can. The more friendship groups you've got the bigger the party.
Join as many clubs as you can.

If you don't want to be there don't go, you're just taking someones space who actually wants to be there. 

Get to know as many people as you can from different courses. Just because you're in lectures with the same people every day doesn't mean you can't get to know people on other courses. 

Keep in contact with people at home. After all you'll probably be spending Christmas, Easter and summer at home. 

If you don't understand something, ask. That's what the lecturers are there for. 

Just because first years marks don't count for anything, doing your work the night before probably isn't a great idea. 

It's okay to be upset. Moving away from home from the first time will effect everyone in different ways. Just tell the people you're living with how you feel because they are probably feeling exactly the same. 

I've come up with these tips based on what I didn't do whilst I was in university and I wish I had. Thanks for reading!


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