Saturday, 24 October 2015


Since we've just entered a new season, I thought I'd go shopping for some autumn clothes as I don't really have any autumn/ winter clothes in my wardrobe. I went to couple of different shops over a couple of weeks, but I thought I'd save everything to do one big haul, so here goes. 

The first item I knew I wanted to purchase for autumn was a pair of these black chunky boots. I tried a couple of pairs on but most of them seemed too big around my ankles, but eventually I found this pair in Matalan retailing at just £25.00. The soles are really chunky rubber, which makes them really easy and comfortable to walk in and the actual boot itself is suede with some elastic detailing on the side which stretches to slide your foot in. At first I didn't know how comfortable there would be because they are quite chunky but they're really light and I could wear them all day long. They're also very versatile and you can wear them with a lot of different outfits including dresses and jeans. 

The next thing I got was from Newlooks 9:15 teen range. I wanted one of these faux fur gillet's last year but I didn't know if I'd actually wear it, but I gave into temptation this year and got one anyway. It was only £19.99 which is a bargain compared to some of the others I tried on. I got this from the teen range because I tried some on in the adults range and they just seemed too long. This one falls just above my bum so it is quite short, but I only wear high waisted jeans so it's perfect for that. It's a really light cream shaggy faux fur, that's really soft to touch with a silky lining inside. I actually had to purchase a size 12-13 years in this and I usually wear a size 6, so if you're around a 4-10 then I'd definitely take a look at this.

My next purchase was from Topshop. I love ripped jeans, but because I'm quite short I find it really difficult to find some where the rips are actually in the right place, and the only style that actually do are the Jamie skinny jeans. They are quite pricey at £42, but they keep their shape well and last a long time. I got a size 6 and they fit me perfectly so I would say they are true to size. 

They have brown stitching details which I really like because all my other denim jeans just have normal blue stitching. I also like that these are high waisted because I hate low rise jeans, they never fit me right and I always end up wearing a belt because I've got to get a bigger size and they are just a nightmare. They do state that these are ankle grazers but they fit me as normal length jeans. 

Miss Selfridge is definitely a shop that I find very hit and miss. Sometimes I can go in there and love everything and other times I can't find anything! This shopping trip was definitely a hit and miss episode, but I did however find this grey boucle tunic. It's from the petites department but it is quite long regardless, so it would fit anyone length wise. It has a high neck which is quite tight around the bottom of your neck and then the rest of the top swings out. It is sleeveless so not idea for the weather we're currently experiencing in the UK, but it does look lovely with a pair or white skinny jeans or a pair of basic leggings. I purchased a size 6 in this and it fits perfectly around the arms and neck so it is true to size.

Something a little more practical for this weather, is this thin knitted mustard jumper from H&M. It was only £12.99 so it's quite reasonable for a knitted jumper. They also had this is a few different colours so if mustard yellow isn't for you there's a grey option instead. The sleeves were rolled up when I purchased this, but they are actually full length sleeves if you unroll them. To add a bit of detail to this otherwise plain jumper there some triangle detailing from the waist to the hips. 

I originally wanted a white button up shirt, but after trying on about a hundred (slight exaggeration) I came to the conclusion that they actually don't suit me so I went for a blouse style instead. I can't remember exactly how much I paid for this, but I think it was somewhere around £22.00, which is slightly on the more expensive side for a top from Newlook. It's a really soft material that flows really nice. The sleeves are three quarter length and they have the same crochet detailing as the top and bottom of the blouse. It also has a little button at the back which is quite a pretty detail. I wish I got this top in black at the same time I purchased this because it's really comfy and super easy to wear, because you can dress it up or wear it more casual. 

I've literally been obsessed with this beige mac. It's from the children's department in Newlook, but I got age 12-13 years so it does come up quite large. It was £27.99, but you can wear it with so much and it can really make a plain outfit looks a lot more dressy. It has rolled up sleeves, but you can unroll them if you just wanted them to be normal sleeves. The open front also means you can wear this with all different styles of top and you can still see them so it's prefect for it you're going for a meal and you need a light coat to wear with your jeans, or if you're going to a shopping centre and don't want to be too warm. They also have this in khaki, camel and black too. 

The final thing I purchased was also from Newlook and it's this lovely rust halter neck wrap front playsuit, that was £22.99. The V neckline is really low, so I do have to use a safety pin to keep it closed but that's fine because you can't actually see that I've tried to alter it. It has a cinched waist which is really flattering because the material of the shorts flares out. I love that it comes with a gold necklace because you haven't got to worry about finding the right length accessories, but it does unclip so if you don't like it you can take it off. Because there is a lot of detailing at the front I really like that the back just has a simple tied neck detailing with an open back. 

I hope you all enjoyed seeing some of the things available in the shops right now! Leave a comment down below of your must have autumnal item. 

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  1. Need to admit that seeing this post made even more excited than I already am to shop for Autumn and Winter Clothing (and believe me I'm already super excited).