Sunday, 4 October 2015


I might have lied when I said there wouldn't be a tag on here for a while. Sorry! I came across these tag questions on DragonFlies & DreamCatchers blog (originally Caley from Ellie Love), and I loved how random all these questions were so I couldn't pass on this one! 

Favourite food?
It varies, but I love fish fingers, sweetcorn and pancakes at the moment.

Flip flops or high heels? 
Flip flops and day! I find heels so uncomfortable and just generally a nightmare.

Favourite place to shop for yourself?
Topshop but I've been loving Hollister recently too. 

Standard coffee order?
I don't drink coffee, but at places like Costa I always order a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows.

Road trip must have snack?
Pringles. Pringles are just good for every type of trip, especially the sour cream and onion and barbecue. 

DIY or hire out?
DIY! I love diy, give me an Ikea flat pack to build any day of the week. 

Top 5 tv shows.
Keeping up with the Kardashians, Dance Moms, Police Interceptors, Great British Bake Off and any of the soaps. 

Favourite book?
I don't really have a favourite book, although I do really want to read some of Gayle Forman's books. 

Favourite form of exercising?
Definitely swimming or running. I love swimming in general but I especially love it when I'm on holiday. I literally spend all day at the beach in the sea.

How tall are you?
I'm 5ft 4inches. I would love to be taller though!

Do you try something new at restaurants or stick to what you know? 
I generally have different things, but they are all usually chicken in different forms or sauces. So technically it's a bit of both, sticking to what I know and trying different things.

One makeup item you can't live without?
Concealer. I don't go a day without wearing concealer, I have about 20 different ones in my makeup bag because after about 5 years of trying, I still can't find the perfect one for my oily, acne prone skins.

What's on you nightstand? 
I have my IPad, some headphones, a cup with some flavoured water and the Next Christmas catalogue.

What has motherhood taught you? 
I can't answer this one yet because I'm not pregnant or a mother, so I'll have to skip this one. 

Music that reminds you of high school?

If you could live anywhere in the world beside your current city, where would you live?
No question I'd definitely live in Menorca! I've gone there every year since I was 13 months old and I can't even imagine my life without this country! I've learnt so much there that I'd feel lost not going there every year. 

Tell us something we might not know? 
I'm ridiculously shy and I hate it. I've always been shy, but the older I'm getting the worse I'm getting and it's now got to the stage where I get really anxious if I know I'm going somewhere where there will be a lot of new people. 

Websites you read / browse (beside blogs).
I occasionally read the Daily Mail online for the celebrity bits and digital spy if I want to know what's going on on a certain TV program.

Morning person or night owl?
Depends on the day and what I'm doing. But I'm more of an afternoon person?

Favourite breakfast meal?
Breakfast isn't my favourite, but I do love pancakes or bacon for breakfast. 

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  1. I had forgotten about Dance Moms! I really liked it for a bit, but Abby got too ridiculous for me. Now you've mentioned it, though, I can see myself checking out a new episode, to see what's going on!

    The Climb reminds me of high school as well! Well, of graduation from high school - the valedictorians quoted it for comedic effect in their speech at the graduation ceremony, haha.


  2. Your post made me crave Pringles! :3 And aw, don't worry dear, I'm ridiculously shy as well! I suffer from social anxiety, so whenever I'm around someone new I get really nervous, shy and don't know what to say. It's not easy to deal with, but your'e not alone! x x