Tuesday, 30 June 2015

My June Favourites!

We're on the last day of June already so I thought this would be the perfect time to do my June favourites! I have two fashion favourites I've been loving and three beauty favourites; so lets get started!

June Favourites.

My first fashion favourite are these white mock leather block heel sandals. At just £15.99 they are available in 6 colours, so there's plenty of different colours to pick from. They do state to be wide fit, but I have normal size 4 feet and the size 3 fits me perfectly, so I would definitely still try them on if you haven't got wide feet. I bought these because I was looking for a sandal that I could wear for casual but could still wear them if I wanted to dress up and these are perfect. As with all the other colours available I love the colour contrast between the actual white mock leather of the straps and the brown heels and sole of the shoe, it makes the shoes really versatile so you can wear them with loads of different colour clothes. The heel is only 2 inches so if you're like me and are terrible at walking heels these will be perfect! 

NewLook: Block heels.

My next fashion favourite is this £17.99 sleeveless blazer also from Newlook! I've seen these sleeveless blazers everywhere and I really think they add to a boring outfit, I choose an abstract orange and black patterned one instead of the plain colours, because I thought I would be able to wear it with more. It's really lightweight and ideal if you're going out on a sunny day and it gets a little bit cooler at night! It falls really nice when it's on and stops just below my bum so it's perfect to wear with skinny jeans and a plain crop top, (I like to pick out one of the colours in the print) and some sandals.  I'll definitely be purchasing more of these in different colours and patterns over the next couple of months. 

NewLook Sleeveless Blazer. 

Soap & Glory will always be one of my favourite body products on the market, and this month I've been loving the Soap & Glory sugar crush body scrub that retails for just £8.00! It's the perfect summer scrub, you can really feel the sugar when you massage it onto your skin and I've noticed a huge difference in my skin having used it just a couple of times! My skin feels so smooth after I rise it off and I love the smell of this product! It has a very strong citrus scent, from the freshly-squeezed sweet lime and sparkling lemons, it's also packed full of sweet vanilla musk and almond oil, sea salt, smashed brown sugar, glycerin and macadamia oils. I'll definitely be purchasing the other products from this range to last me for the rest of summer!

Soap & GLory: Sugar Crush. 

Another beauty favourite this month is the John Frieda 'Go Blonder Lightening Shampoo'. I was very sceptical about using this at first because I'd read lots of comments saying that your hair turns really yellow when you use this, so I've just been using it twice a week and so far I've been loving it! My hair has always had natural highlights running through it anyway, but I wanted something that wouldn't be harsh on my hair to slightly lighten the rest of my hair! I've definitely noticed a different in my hair especially when I use this before I spend a day in the sun, you do have to use the shampoo continuously though to notice a difference! The fragrance is really nice and fresh and it doesn't weigh my hair down or make it greasy like a lot of other shampoos I've tried does. It is slightly more on the expensive side at £5.99 for 250ml so I try to stock up on this product when it's on an offer. 

John Frieda: Go Blonder.

My last June Favourite is the Mitchum Advanced 48 hour protection deodorant. I've always used Dove deodorants but I got a bit bored of the fragrances so I thought I'd try something new! I got the scent 'Pure Fresh' because I wasn't overly fussed on the other fragrances. It's quite a hard scent to describe other than it smells like lemons to me? I can definitely smell it though out the day when I move which is good and it just smells really fresh all day long. My only issue with this deodorant is that it takes forever to dry because it's quite sticky when you first apply it and it does leave white marks under my arms when it is dried, so I might try using the stick style instead of the role on, but other than that, it's definitely my new favourite deodorant. It's also only £2.89 so that seems a pretty reasonable price to me. 

Mitchum Deodorant.

I hope you've all enjoyed reading about my June Favourites. Leave me a comment of any of your monthly favourites or if you want a full review of any of the items featured in this blog! Thank you for reading, Michelle xo. 


Monday, 22 June 2015

Cheaper alternative to teeth whitening?

With Coco white all over Instagram lately, I was intrigued as to how coconut oil can whiten teeth naturally without any harsh chemicals! I've always been afraid of having my teeth whitened at the dentist because I have sensitive teeth and I don't think I could personally bare the pain for slightly whiter teeth, but as this is natural, I set off on my quest to find some pure coconut oil and at just £2.25 for 500ml I had nothing to lose. I did however jump into this idea at the deep end and didn't have a clue how I was meant to use this coconut oil to actually whiten my teeth, so I went back to trusty google and instantly found ways of using this on my teeth. 

Coconut oil. 

One of the suggestions to using this that I found was; to swish around two teaspoons of the oil around your mouth for 10 minutes pushing and pulling it through the gaps between your teeth before brushing your teeth with normal toothpaste! It suggested that you should build up to this amount of time but I couldn't even stomach the oil in my mouth for a minute let alone ten! I kept trying this method every night using less oil for shorter periods of time and just repeating it, but it still made me feel sick because of the strange consistency to the oil. 

Coconut oil. 

The oil itself doesn't have an unpleasant taste providing you actually like coconut which I do, but it is a really thick paste to begin with when you first place it in your mouth and then it then quickly changes to a really thin oil that I just didn't like! Even using just a little bit at a time wasn't working for me so I decided to try a different method mentioned by people who also didn't like the traditional oil pulling method. 

The oil. 

This method was to cover a toothbrush in the oil and simply brush your teeth! I found this a lot easier to do and I also saw a noticeable difference after just a couple of days. I would suggest you buy a cheap tooth brush for this and definitely don't use and electric toothbrush because the oil will clog the brush. I brush my teeth like this for about 2-3 minutes every other night and then swish the remaining oil left in my mouth around before spitting it out. It's definitely easier than the traditional method and the results on me personally worked a lot better because I could keep it in my mouth longer! If you do want a quicker or more of a result you can mix the coconut oil with baking soda which is used in a lot of whitening toothpastes. 

Toothbrush method. 

Swallowing the coconut oil should be kept to a minimum because of the bacteria being collected when using these methods, and ensure after using either method you rinse your mouth throughly with warm water to remove any left over oil before brushing you teeth normally! I prefer to do this at night because I have more time but a lot of website do say that doing this in the morning has higher benefits for oral health. As well as whitening your teeth this is actually a great way to improve your overall oral health as it removes harmful bacterias and improves your gums. 

I would say if you really don't like the taste of coconut then coco white might be a better suggestion because they have three different flavours: light lemon, vanilla swirl and minty fresh which I could've personally handled better to swish around my mouth, but this is a great alternative if you want to try it first before ordering the real thing! Coco white itself retails for £19.99 plus £3.99 postage (within the uk) for 14 sachets so it can be quite expensive long term where are coconut oil is available from every supermarket and health food store and is a lot cheaper. So there is definitely benefits to each option. 

I will continue using this consistently to help me improve my oral health as well as keep my teeth looking whiter, so I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who doesn't want to spend a great deal on whitening there teeth, and also someone who prefers natural things to harsh chemicals. This is also suitable for vegans which can be a problem when using some whitening products. 

Thank you for reading and I hope you found this helpful! xo. 



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Saturday, 20 June 2015

Lush 'no drought' dry shampoo review!

Looking for the perfect dry shampoo for summer? Let me introduce you to 'no drought', a 100% natural dry shampoo from lush! I've tried numerous dry shampoos on the market from shops own brands to Batiste, Dove and Aussie. But this has become my all time favourite! 

Dry shampoo.

The first dry shampoo I discovered back in high school was Batiste dry shampoo. In a can form it's easily sprayed onto the roots of your hair to absorb the grease and give your hair volume. I do still used this product because I love how convenient it is to use and it definitely gives second day hair a lift! It comes in a variety of different fragrances and sizes so its perfect for day to day use or travelling. I've used this products for years and will continue using it when I want a dry shampoo that doesn't require effort, but it was becoming quite costly to buy a new can of this every other week, so I went on the hunt for a cheaper product that would last me longer!  

Batiste blush. 

On a visit to Lush a member of staff introduced me to this product, 'no drought a grapefruit and lime scented, oil absorbing powder. For a quick freshness boost, no wash: just go!' It does just that! Slightly harder and more time consuming to use that the can dry shampoos, this is in a bottle and can be shaken directly onto your roots or into your hand before you work it into your hair! I personally prefer to shake it directly on my roots and work it in from there before I use my tangle teezer brush to brush out any excess because I feel I waste less product. 

Lush no drought 115g ad 50g.

I personally don't mind the scent of this product, it's very fresh and clean smelling which is what you'd expect from a grapefruit product, although I do wish they did other fragrances to mix it up a little. The packaging on this product is far more simple than others on the market which I personally like because it's straight to the point, it tells you what it is, the ingredients and that it's suitable for vegans. I also like how each bottle of this product comes with a sticker somewhere on the bottle stating who it was made by and when, which gives you an indication of how fresh the product actually is when you purchase it.

Lush no drought. 

Because this is a 100% natural product the ingredients in this are far less harsh than some of the ingredients that can be found in can dry shampoos. The main two ingredients are cornflour which is used to absorb the oil and then grapefruit oil to add a refreshing scent.  

Lush no drought ingredients. 

This dry shampoo retails for a higher price than other dry shampoos at £3.95 for 50g and £6.95 for 115g, but one of the large bottles lasted me a whole year using it at least every other day so I definitely feels it's worth that amount when it lasts for so long! Overall I'd give this product 9 out of 10 because it does what it says, the scent is nice and it lasts forever! The only reason it lost a point was because unlike other brands there is only one scent available and I do like to use different scents. 

I hope you all enjoyed this review if you've got any suggestions of other dry shampoos you think I might like, leave them in the comment box! Thank you for reading xo. 



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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Brakini review!

With summer just around the corner I thought the perfect fashion item for my first review would be a brakini bikini! An alternative to Triangl bikinis that retail from 79 USD, Brakini bikinis are made from the same neoprene fabric but are a lot cheaper starting at just 59 USD. 

I was very sceptical about ordering this bikini at 69.99 USD with 19.99 USD shipping chargers because I didn't know how what this bikini would turn out like, but when it arrived I was amazed by the quality and how it compares to my genuine Triangl bikini! From a distance you wouldn't tell that this wasn't a genuine Triangl bikini. 

Brakini: Winnie - Miami Mint.

The bikini I picked in the end was the Winnie in Miami Mint. It's a bright but pastel colour turquoise with black binding all around the edging of the top and bottom. The lining of both the top and the bottom are plain black with a small clear label in both stating that the bikini is 100% neoprene and it should only be hand washed in cold water and stored flat. The material is really thick and does feel quite strange when you first try it on because it sits and hugs your skin. The top of the bikini has a boning down the middle of each cup so that it gives a nice shape and you don't have to worry about anything showing through!

Care Label.

As with triangl bikinis this bikini has the brand imprinted on the zip which is actually one of the only give aways that this bikini isn't a Triangl bikini. Although the bikini has a clasp at the back, the zip opens all the way down so if you do find that the top is a bit too tight you can unzip it a little bit.

Brakinis front zip.

 Unlike the Triangl bikinis this clasp has little dots on the back instead of the brand name. Because the clip slides into the clasp there's no way this bikini could undo by itself so that definitely wouldn't be an issue unless you didn't do the clasp up tight! My only issue with this top is that I'm a bra size 32A and I order a size XSmall and I could've possibly done with a tighter top because although it doesn't fall down it does feel a little loose on me, so when I order another bikini I'll definitely get one with shoulder straps so that I can just tighten them. 

Back clasp. 
Back clasp. 

 On the brakini website it states that these bottoms are hipster fit, on the left hip of the bikini bottoms there's a small clear label with the black and red brakini logo. Size wise I wear a size 6 UK in all jeans so I ordered a size Small and they fit perfectly. They sit on my skin without cutting in anywhere. If you are worried about sizing I would definitely try and refer to the sizing chart because sizing up too much might make them look a bit like a nappy at the back where they bunch at the bum so I'd be weary of that! 

Overall I'm amazed at the quality of this bikini and I'm so glad that I ordered it after lusting over another Triangl bikini for over a year! The quality is amazing and I wouldn't hesitate about ordering from Brakinis again in the near future! 


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