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Lush 'no drought' dry shampoo review!

Looking for the perfect dry shampoo for summer? Let me introduce you to 'no drought', a 100% natural dry shampoo from lush! I've tried numerous dry shampoos on the market from shops own brands to Batiste, Dove and Aussie. But this has become my all time favourite! 

Dry shampoo.

The first dry shampoo I discovered back in high school was Batiste dry shampoo. In a can form it's easily sprayed onto the roots of your hair to absorb the grease and give your hair volume. I do still used this product because I love how convenient it is to use and it definitely gives second day hair a lift! It comes in a variety of different fragrances and sizes so its perfect for day to day use or travelling. I've used this products for years and will continue using it when I want a dry shampoo that doesn't require effort, but it was becoming quite costly to buy a new can of this every other week, so I went on the hunt for a cheaper product that would last me longer!  

Batiste blush. 

On a visit to Lush a member of staff introduced me to this product, 'no drought a grapefruit and lime scented, oil absorbing powder. For a quick freshness boost, no wash: just go!' It does just that! Slightly harder and more time consuming to use that the can dry shampoos, this is in a bottle and can be shaken directly onto your roots or into your hand before you work it into your hair! I personally prefer to shake it directly on my roots and work it in from there before I use my tangle teezer brush to brush out any excess because I feel I waste less product. 

Lush no drought 115g ad 50g.

I personally don't mind the scent of this product, it's very fresh and clean smelling which is what you'd expect from a grapefruit product, although I do wish they did other fragrances to mix it up a little. The packaging on this product is far more simple than others on the market which I personally like because it's straight to the point, it tells you what it is, the ingredients and that it's suitable for vegans. I also like how each bottle of this product comes with a sticker somewhere on the bottle stating who it was made by and when, which gives you an indication of how fresh the product actually is when you purchase it.

Lush no drought. 

Because this is a 100% natural product the ingredients in this are far less harsh than some of the ingredients that can be found in can dry shampoos. The main two ingredients are cornflour which is used to absorb the oil and then grapefruit oil to add a refreshing scent.  

Lush no drought ingredients. 

This dry shampoo retails for a higher price than other dry shampoos at £3.95 for 50g and £6.95 for 115g, but one of the large bottles lasted me a whole year using it at least every other day so I definitely feels it's worth that amount when it lasts for so long! Overall I'd give this product 9 out of 10 because it does what it says, the scent is nice and it lasts forever! The only reason it lost a point was because unlike other brands there is only one scent available and I do like to use different scents. 

I hope you all enjoyed this review if you've got any suggestions of other dry shampoos you think I might like, leave them in the comment box! Thank you for reading xo. 



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