Thursday, 18 June 2015

Brakini review!

With summer just around the corner I thought the perfect fashion item for my first review would be a brakini bikini! An alternative to Triangl bikinis that retail from 79 USD, Brakini bikinis are made from the same neoprene fabric but are a lot cheaper starting at just 59 USD. 

I was very sceptical about ordering this bikini at 69.99 USD with 19.99 USD shipping chargers because I didn't know how what this bikini would turn out like, but when it arrived I was amazed by the quality and how it compares to my genuine Triangl bikini! From a distance you wouldn't tell that this wasn't a genuine Triangl bikini. 

Brakini: Winnie - Miami Mint.

The bikini I picked in the end was the Winnie in Miami Mint. It's a bright but pastel colour turquoise with black binding all around the edging of the top and bottom. The lining of both the top and the bottom are plain black with a small clear label in both stating that the bikini is 100% neoprene and it should only be hand washed in cold water and stored flat. The material is really thick and does feel quite strange when you first try it on because it sits and hugs your skin. The top of the bikini has a boning down the middle of each cup so that it gives a nice shape and you don't have to worry about anything showing through!

Care Label.

As with triangl bikinis this bikini has the brand imprinted on the zip which is actually one of the only give aways that this bikini isn't a Triangl bikini. Although the bikini has a clasp at the back, the zip opens all the way down so if you do find that the top is a bit too tight you can unzip it a little bit.

Brakinis front zip.

 Unlike the Triangl bikinis this clasp has little dots on the back instead of the brand name. Because the clip slides into the clasp there's no way this bikini could undo by itself so that definitely wouldn't be an issue unless you didn't do the clasp up tight! My only issue with this top is that I'm a bra size 32A and I order a size XSmall and I could've possibly done with a tighter top because although it doesn't fall down it does feel a little loose on me, so when I order another bikini I'll definitely get one with shoulder straps so that I can just tighten them. 

Back clasp. 
Back clasp. 

 On the brakini website it states that these bottoms are hipster fit, on the left hip of the bikini bottoms there's a small clear label with the black and red brakini logo. Size wise I wear a size 6 UK in all jeans so I ordered a size Small and they fit perfectly. They sit on my skin without cutting in anywhere. If you are worried about sizing I would definitely try and refer to the sizing chart because sizing up too much might make them look a bit like a nappy at the back where they bunch at the bum so I'd be weary of that! 

Overall I'm amazed at the quality of this bikini and I'm so glad that I ordered it after lusting over another Triangl bikini for over a year! The quality is amazing and I wouldn't hesitate about ordering from Brakinis again in the near future! 


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