Saturday, 3 October 2015

Biore Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips Review!

We all read product reviews and have images in our heads; that they're going to be amazing and literally solve all of life's problems. I'd been meaning to buy this product for ages, after reading near enough 50 reviews and watching Youtube videos of people using it, I was expecting amazing things! Sadly this wasn't the case.   

I'll start by saying this isn't a product for someone who's grossed out by seeing the dirt from your pores literally peel of your face, or for someone who doesn't really have the patience to wait around whilst the strip dries on your face. This isn't something that bothers me at all as I do find it quite satisfying to pop a spot, or to use products like this where you can actually see they're working (or not in this products case). I originally selected the ultra deep cleansing pore strips by Biore because of all the amazing reviews I'd read online, claiming they do wonders for pores and blackheads. They are simple to use and the concept is good. I've actually used all 6 of the strips because I really wanted them to work for me, but no matter how I used them they did unclog some of my pores but from the evidence on the strips it was far from satisfying. 

The packet contains 6 of these strips and you simply wet your nose and checks, then with dry clean hands you place the stripe across your nose and press it down. The water reacts with the solution that's on the back of the strip to unclog pores and give your face a deep clean. After the time is up, you simply gently lift the strip off your face and you're done. After this the results should be on the strip shall we say.

 The concept of this product is great, you simply put it on your face and wait, there isn't any messing around with applying different products and I didn't have any negative reactions from it. The packing is quite appealing with the silver detailing but the price is slightly high for this product in my opinion. They do retail for £7.99 in most shops, so they are quite expensive for something that is very hit and miss for me personally. I have tried wetting my face a lot and I've even tried steaming my face first, which for me actually proved to be the most effective but it was still nowhere near as good as the results I was hoping for, or the results I'd seen on Youtube and other blogs. Because of all the reviews I've seen of this product I possibly would consider buying other products from this brand in the future, but I'll possibly avoid wasting £8 on these pore strips. 

If you've used any product on the same lines as these and they've worked for you please leave me a comment down below so I can give some of them a go!  Thank you for reading. 

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Thursday, 13 August 2015


After hours of scrolling through Triangl's Instagram and looking at every single bikini on their website telling myself I didn't need anymore bikinis, I finally caved and ordered myself two! I originally ordered the Poppy- Paradise Palms and the Farrah- Cherry Love, but after three days of waiting for a tracking number they contacted me to say that the Farrah was out of stock for at least a week in the size I wanted! This should be a lesson to me that ordering holiday clothes two weeks before I'm due to go on holiday, isn't always a good idea!

First let me talk about their customer service! With 9 days left until I was due to go on holiday getting an email saying they were out of stock in my size wasn't what I wanted to wake up to, but after emailing them and asking for advice of what to do, they quickly replied giving me different options. I decided to order a different colour in the Farrah design and eventually went for the Farrah- Golden Fields. They were so fast in replying and were so helpful in changing my order for me, that the bikinis actually arrived at my door 3 days later?! 

They charge a flat rate of $20 for shipping to the United Kingdom, and that doesn't cover importing and duty tax so it can work out quite expensive, but if you're willing to spend between $79 and $99 for the bikini then you can't really leave the parcel at the airports international sorting office. Mine were delivered with Fedex and once I was sent the tracking number I was able to view the location of the parcel and the estimated delivery date which is good if you are making plans and you don't want to end up missing your parcel being delivered.

Both the bikinis came in one Fedex priority package. Because I ordered the Poppy style bikini they actually placed both bikini's inside the large matte black box that it comes with which is good because they had a lot more protection whilst in transit. Sadly my box was slightly damaged on the side, but it can still be used to store the bikinis so that's not a huge issue.

Now onto the bikinis themselves. The first one I picked was the Poppy- Paradise Palms, that retails for $89. As with all Triangl bikini's they're made of neoprene so they are a lot more structured than normal bikinis. I loved the colours of this bikini as soon as I removed it from the packaging. The bikini has a light shimmer to it and it really glitters when you're in the sun which I love! I also think this bikini is really girly without being frilly and fancy and the mesh and white really adds a sporty edge to it. 

I selected this bikini because I fell in love the mesh detailing, it really stands out against the pink and the black and it just looks really flattering on. I like that the bottoms also have the mesh on the hips area because it ties the two together. 

As with all the Triangl bikini designs they have a unique clasp at the back. The logo side slides into the clasp, it's really strong so you don't have to worry about it opening when you move or just opening by itself. It also has the Triangl logo engraved into it. 

The second bikini I ordered was the Farrah- Golden Fields that also retails for $89. I usually hate triangle shaped bikini tops but I fell in love with the design of this bikini and I've now actually fallen in love the fit of the top, it's so comfy!

Unlike the first bikini that had the same colour top and bottoms this bikini is completely different and has a mix and match feel. When it first arrived I wasn't really sure if I liked the two colours together because they were so different and I generally like to buy the matching top and bottoms that are the same colour, but it looks completely different on and I think it looks really nice.

The top is bright yellow with white crochet detailing on the triangles. The straps are plain black which ties in with the edging of both the top and the bottoms.

The bottoms are a beautiful bright purple colour with white crochet detail around the edging between the purple and the black. I like that they have included the same stitch on the top and bottoms because you can see they match together and also it just completes the design. The white stitching also really stands out because of the contrast with the black around the edging of the bikini.

As for the sizing, I ordered the same size in both bikinis even though the tops are a completely different style. I got an XSmall for the tops and a Small for the bottoms. For bras I usually wear a 32A or a 30B depending on where I shop and a size 6 in most jeans. I really like that the tops have adjustable straps because if they didn't they probably would've been too big for me. The bottoms are a hipster bikini shape and they fit me perfectly, but when I do go in water they tend to move slightly but that doesn't really bother me. The do have a bit of stretch but not as much as normal bikinis do so, although a smaller size might fit they might look like they are cutting in around the legs a bit, so I would definitely use the live chat on their website to see what sizes they suggest, as I spoke to a couple of them and they all suggested the same size for me, which fits perfectly. The only thing I will say about the bottoms are that they fill with water, so you have to pull the leg a little bit when you get out of the water so that the water can drain out but you get used to it after wearing it for an hour. 

The bikinis also come with a care card, because you can't wash them like you would with normal bikinis. I've worn both of mine and I just swill them out in plain cold water and leave them to dry on a towel on the floor and they seem fine. The colour doesn't seem to have faded at all and they still fit exactly the same.

Overall I would definitely recommend these bikinis! They are so much more comfortable than normal bikinis, they don't fall off or move too much when you move around and they are just so comfortable that you forget you're wearing them. I also like that the bikini bottoms aren't too skimpy, so I don't feel uncomfortable walking around without a cover up on! I would definitely order more of these bikinis in the future because I love all the unique designs and the fit of these bikinis, so I would definitely say they are worth the money in the long run! 



Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Hand Luggage Must Haves!

I pretty much pack the same things in my hand luggage every year. These essentials don't necessarily have to be just for flying these could also come in useful on a train journey, a bus ride or even a car journey.  But for me not matter how long the flight is I need to bring these things with me!

Apart from the obvious which is my passport and boarding pass, my number one travelling essential is my ipod! I like to listen to this on the journey to the airport, in the airport and especially on the plane. I don't like to fall asleep on the plane so this gives me some entertainment and also relaxes me. It also means everyone around me can still sleep in peace when I'm listening to my earphones. Before hand I download some new songs onto my ipod so that I don't get bored of the same old songs. I also put some apps on there that don't require internet so I can keep my self occupied on the actual flight.

The next thing are sweets! I like to eat. All the time. I get some of these small packets of sweets because they're so easy to pack in my hand luggage. I also pick sweets rather than things such as chocolate because they can't melt. Chewy sweets are also perfect for when you take of in the plane because they help with stopping your ears popping. 

The rest of my hand luggage is filled with my electrical items that I don't want to pack within my actual suitcase. I pack my phone which is really just to use in the airport when we are waiting, but it also comes in handy to take some photos and to use when if I find wifi. I also pack things like my camera and my GoPro in my hand luggage so they can't get damaged in my suitcase.  

The rest of the things in my hand luggage are a bit random. I use a small toiletry bag to keep all my jewellery together. This also stops everything getting tangled or lost at the bottom of my bag. I then keep a note pad and a pen, because you never know if you have to fill out any forms on the plane, and it's also useful to jot down some notes of things that you think of when you are there. When I've gone through security I purchase my magazines or books then because I haven't got to account for them when they weigh my bag at check in. 

Leave a comment below of the number one item you can't travel without! Thank you for reading. 


Saturday, 25 July 2015

My Bikini Collection.

Welcome back to my blog! Possibly one of my favourite videos to watch on youtube are peoples bikini collections, so I thought today I would do my holiday bikini collection! This might seem a lot of bikinis for a holiday but I love buying bikinis and some of these are from last year! So lets get started. 

Gilly Hicks.

I purchased this bikini last year in the Gilly Hicks closing down sale. It's a lovely blue and purple butterfly print with slight hints of white and pink. Behind the print is also little Gilly Hicks logos. The bottoms are small to medium coverage but they are quite high when they are on. The have a slight ruffle all the way around that sits around the hips. The top has thin spaghetti cross over straps at the back and also has a ruffle the whole way around. Under the ruffle of the top is a lovely blue material that's the same colour as the lining of the bikini you can see in the picture.

Brakini- Winnie Miami mint.

My first bikini is this Brakini bikini in the style Winnie Miami mint! This is a neoprene bikini similar to the popular Triangl bikini but they are sold slightly cheaper. I've done a full review on this bikini that you can see here!.


The next bikini is this gorgeous blue and coral paisley print bikini from Primark. I love the detailing on this bikini, the bottoms have braided sides that stretches out to make little holes. The bottoms are medium coverage and are quite low rise. The back of the top has the same braided detailing that creates a cross back. 


This bikini is from New Look and photo really doesn't do the colours of this bikini justice! The print is a bright multicoloured aztec print with black detailing. The bottoms are tie sides and are quite full coverage. The top is a triangle style and at the top of the triangles there are two cut out triangles. This bikini doesn't have any clasps, it just ties so it's perfect if you can't fit a bikini that fits on both the cups and the band. 


I actually got this bikini as a bargain last year in the Topshop sale. It's a bright cobalt blue colour and the material is really textured. Because the bikini is a plain colour I like that the bottoms have a little ruffle along the front and the back. They also tie and the side and have medium coverage. The top is moulded so it fits perfectly and again it ties around the back and around the next. The top has a twisted detailing in the middle of both cups to add a little bit more detailing. 


Another Topshop bargain from last year is this bright coral bikini. The bottoms are basic brief style with a diamond shape on each hip, the have slightly less coverage at the back and are slightly lower than the tie side bikini bottoms that I have. The top is a bandeau style that ties in the back, and it has a V at the front which makes it look really flattering on if you have small boobs. It also has a removable strap around the neck.

H&M and Matalan.

Every year I like to take a black bikini, just to wear around the pool if I don't go to the beach one day because the chlorine can sometimes strip the colour from my coloured and patterned bikinis. I picked these two up from H&M and Matalan. I features the triangle style black bikini here if you want too see more information about it! 


My last two bikinis are these amazing Triangl bikinis. Again these are made from neoprene. The first on is in the style Farrah - Golden Fields and the second is the Poppy - Paradise Palms. I will have a full review on both these bikinis up at the beginning of next week so keep an eye out if you're interested in that! 

Thank you for reading, please leave me a comment below of your favourite holiday item to buy!
Michelle xo. 


Thursday, 9 July 2015

La Roche-Posay Review!

Welcome back to my blog, today I thought I would do a review on some skincare products that I've been loving for a while: and that it the La Roche-Posay range. Having suffered with acne for years, I'm always looking for new products to try! I've been using all these products for about 6 months and I've definitely noticed a huge difference in my skin. They aren't miracle workers that's going to make your skin perfect straight away but over time they have stopped my spots looking really red and sore.

La Roche-Posay range.

I didn't do any research before purchasing these products so I didn't really know what to expect from them. But they were on an offer so I thought I'd get three products from the Effaclar range and then a micellar solution. They are slightly more expensive than other acne and skincare products but they do last a long time! I've only just repurchased a new micellar solution after using it at least twice a day for 4 months so the prices that you have to pay is definitely worth it! 

Micellar Solution. 

I thought it would be easier to review these products in the order I use them, so the first product I use is the Physiological Micellar Solution. La Roche-Posay have several different ranges all targeted at different skin types and problems, because I didn't do any research before I bought these products I didn't know that so this product is actually meant for sensitive skin and not blemish prone skin! I tip a medium amount of this on a cotton pad every time I use it so it does last quite a long time. Generally I use this twice a day before I actually wash my face, in the morning to remove any excess oil and in the evening to remove all my make up! It's soap, alcohol, colourant and paraben free so it's gentle enough to use on your face, eyes and lips which I like before I can just use one product for everything. It's really fast at removing waterproof eye makeup and it doesn't sting at all. It doesn't really smell of anything either which I like because sometimes face products can have a really strong smell. For a micellar solution this is slightly more on the expensive side at around £11.00 for 200ml, but boots usually have an offer on their skincare so I make sure I repurchase them just to even out the cost a little bit! Overall I really like this product, it doesn't break me out, I can use it all over my face and it removes all makeup really easily. 

Foaming Gel Cleanser.

The next product I use is the Effaclar Purifying Cleansing Gel. This gel cleanser is actually from the Effaclar range which is designed to treat blemish prone skin unlike the micellar solution. Again it retails at £11.00 but it does last a lot longer at around 5/6 months. The product itself is a clear gel that lathers really well when you massage it on your hands with a bit of water before applying it all over your face. This is slightly scented and smells really clean so it isn't an unpleasant scent at all. I really like how it feels on my skin, it doesn't irritate and I haven't had any issue from using this product over the last six months. I use this twice a day and I wouldn't say this is a product that stops excess oil on your face but it does seem to dry out my stops and they now only last about 2/3 days. Also in conjunction with the Effaclar Duo cream it has removed/faded some of the acne scarring I had on my face which is a bonus. 

Astringent Lotion. 

I loved the idea and concept of this product when I saw it in boots. It's a lotion that cleanses and exfoliates the skin to help unblock and reduce the appearance of pores. Personally after trying it for a couple of months this is still my least favourite product out of the four! I apply this to my face using a cotton pad and I gently wipe it over my face avoiding my eyes and lips. As soon as I started using this I noticed that my forehead started breaking out more than usual and it also really stings my face if i use it near my eyes or lips. It has a really strong scent which might be what was causing the irritation to my eyes. At £11.50 its quite expensive to only be able to use it on half my face, but where I do use it, it has seemed to clear my pores a bit. 

Effaclar Duo. 

I've recently seen a lot of love for this product everywhere on social media. I use the Effaclar Duo all over my face in both the morning and evening as my moisturiser. (If my skin is really dry I do use a bit of the simple moisturiser as well.) I love this product, the consistency is brilliant, not to think not too think, it sinks straight into my skin so I don't have to wait ages before I can apply my make up and it really does minimise my spots and old acne scarring! It doesn't have an unpleasant scent either so you really don't notice any different when you've applied your make up! I also really like this because a small amount goes a long way, so it lasts a long time! I'm still on my first tube after 6 months and there still feels like there is plenty in there! At £15.50 I wouldn't say its that expensive for a moisturiser and a spot cream in one because you only really need this product so i do feel it is a reasonable price. 

La Roche-Posay.
Overall I would definitely recommend all these products! If you like the products you're currently using and just want to swap one thing, then I'd definitely try the Effaclar Duo cream first, because you could use it along with the products you're currently using, to see if you notice any difference! I've also recently noticed in boots they do a set which has three products from the Effaclar range, so if you was interested in trying more than one product that might be a cheaper way to try them first in case you don't like them or they don't agree with your skin. 

If you have any suggestions on other skincare products you think I might like then leave them down below in the comments! Thank you for reading.
Michelle xo. 


Sunday, 5 July 2015

My 5 tips to stay motivated!

Motivation happens due to internal and external factors that stimulate the energy and desire to work and commit to certain things within your life, whether than be work, school or just life in general! (Yes, I did just Google this!) There are numerous things that play a role in this motivation, some that we make happen ourselves and some that just happen. It's definitely hard growing up in this day and age being motivated all the time since there are so many things that can get in the way. One way that I stay motivated is quotes! They're easy to find, they're literally all over the Internet and you'll be surprised how much some of them actually make you stop and realise that most things aren't as bad as you think!

This quote by Nelson Mandela is definitely one that got me through my textiles A level. At the time everything seemed impossible, I'd start one job and by doing that, I'd end up with another three jobs to do and it felt like everything was against me! No matter how motivated I tried to be there was just challenge after challenge. But I knew it was something I wanted and I had to work as hard I could to do that! The more time I spent stressing over how much I had to do, the more time and energy it actually involved. If I'd just got on with it and tried my hardest without pressuring myself to be perfect then it probably wouldn't have seem so impossible at the time!

Believing in yourself is a key contributor to motivation! If you don't believe in yourself then who will? A 3000 word university essay wont do itself! If you believe in yourself you're far more likely to be motivated to do things. And after all why shouldn't you believe in yourself, you don't know the outcome of anything until you actually give it a go and try. 

Possibly the hardest time to stay motivated is when you feel like you've tried so much harder than your friends on a piece of work or even a blogpost, and then they start after you and  still somehow manage to do better! You don't know everything about your friends just because they said they've started something after you doesn't mean they have! Some people find practical work easy others find mathematical work easier. Everyone is different. They could have been planning and studying for weeks. Generally people aren't going to worry about how you're doing! Stop letting other people rule you, you are your own person! 

Of course striving to be successful is important but whats the point doing something that you class as successful if it just makes you unhappy! You need to make the most of your life and be a positive person. Motivation will come, when you want something so bad that you can't go a day without thinking about it, then you know it's important! Worrying is just another sign that you actually care, so turn the negative emotions into positive motivation and prove yourself wrong! You can do anything you put your mind to! Take every opportunity even if you can't be bothered! Your future self might even thank you for doing the things you have no motivation to do.

My top 5 tips to staying motivated!
1. Believe in yourself and mean it.
2. No motivation doesn't mean failure!
3. Nothing is impossible, even if it feels like everything is against you.
4. Stop caring what other people think, everyone has their own goals in life and you just have to focus on your own.
5. Take even opportunity like it's your last.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope some of these quotes made you think knowing that other people feel exactly the same! 
Michelle xo.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Primark Beauty Make Up Brush Review!

If you're new to make up in general or if you just want to try make up brushes for the first time, then Primark has the perfect range of brushes for you! 'P.S Love... This' is the name of their current beauty lines and all the brushes retail between £1 and £3 so they're all very reasonably priced, easy to get hold of in any local Primark store and are reasonably good quality.

Primark P.S Love.. This. 

I now have five brushes from this range and a beauty blender and I'm shocked at how good they actually are! I wasn't really expecting amazing things from these brushes purely because they are so cheap compared to more high end branded make up brushes, but I was pleasantly surprised! 

Foundation & Concealer Brush.

The first brush I purchased was the 'foundation and concealer brush'. It's a double ended brush one end for concealer application and one for foundation application. The concealer end is really easy to use, the brush itself is really small so it makes applying and blending concealer really easily. The foundation brush is a lot bigger because it's being used for a larger area of skin! It's a flat brush so which is perfect for applying foundation around your eyes and nose but also to fix any lines after you've done your eyes or lips! This goes for the concealer and foundation brush, the brushes are so soft! They glide across the skin really easily, the foundation brush doesn't move the concealer if you apply it first and they're just really easy to use! I purchased this brush just after Christmas so I don't actually remember how much it was so don't quote me on this but I think it was about £2.00!

Stippling Brush.

After my success with the 'foundation and concealer brush' it really made me want to try more of the brushes from the range so I went ahead and purchased the stippling brush that retails for £1.50. As soon as I took it out of the packaging I was amazed at how soft this brush is, it's definitely softer than the 'foundation and concealer brush'. I do love using this brush to apply my foundation, but it's also a really good blending brush to use after you've applied highlighter and contoured! Again it's quite small so you can be really precise when you use this for blending. Sadly the handle has fallen off mine so I'll have to purchase a new one or glue the handle back into the brush base but for £1.50 I can deal with that!

Liquid Foundation Brush.

The next brush is a liquid foundation brush, which also retails for £1.50. Although this is for liquid foundation and exactly the same as the foundation brush end of the 'foundation and concealer brush' I actually purchased this for contouring! Because it's a flat brush it's perfect for applying a matte bronzer in the hollows of your checks, on your temples and by your jaw line! I then use the stippling brush to blend this out slightly so I don't just have random darker lines all over my face!

Blusher Brush.

Since I was using these brushes to apply the rest of my make up I thought I'd pick up the blusher brush which is again £1.50. It's not quite as big as a powder foundation brush but it's the perfect size to apply blusher and even bronzer to your checks! Like the other brushes it's really soft and doesn't smudge the rest of my make up. The handle on this brush is half to size of the others so it's makes applying blusher really light!

Kabuki Brush.

The last brush I purchased was the Kabuki brush! This is by far the softest out of all five brushes! It's really big compared to all the other brushes and perfect for applying powder all over your face to set your make up! It's slightly more expensive than all the other brushes at £2.50, but I've got no issues spending that small amount on these brushes even if they do only last me another couple of months! 

Egg Make Up Sponge.

The last item I purchased from the Primark beauty range was a beauty blender dupe. It's called an egg make up sponge and retails for £1.50. At first I was quite disappointed with this product it wasn't applying my foundation evenly and I was just using so much product that it wasn't really worth it! Then I tried making the sponge a little bit damp and this really improved the application of my foundation! It does slightly sheer out the foundation, so you might have to build the foundation in areas that you want more coverage but other than that it's really good! I also really like this sponge for applying concealer under my eyes and anywhere where I have a couple of blemishes quite close to each other! I just rub the concealer directly onto the sponge and then blend it onto my face! Out of the six products this is definitely the one I could live without, purely because it does the same job as all the other brushes but does require slightly more effort, but if you're going travelling or to keep in your handbag for touch ups then this is perfect because it's light, it doesn't take up much space and it's really small. 

I loved the packaging but sadly I threw my all the packaging away before I could take a picture! But the packaging is pink with small black dots on which really matches the brushes themselves which are black with pink tips. I really like the design, it's appealing, pretty, straight to the point stating the name and use of each brush and it has the price labelled on the front and back. 

Overall I would give these products a strong 7 out of 10, for between £1 and £3 they obviously aren't going to be the best make up brushes on the market, but they do the job and they do it well! The brushes are really soft on the skin, the make up looks a lot better than if I applied it with my fingers and it is a lot easier to blend and apply the make up! They wash really well! (I will have a post about how I clean my brushes, so keep an eye out for that one.) I'd would definitely recommend these brushes if you're just starting out wearing make up or if you want to try make up brushes for the first time because they are really well priced and they just do want a make up brush should do!

Thank you all for reading, I hope you all enjoyed this post!
Michelle xo.

Primark Beauty.