Wednesday, 1 July 2015

July already: Getting organised!

Can you believe we're in July already, and it's actually sunny outside here in the UK?! I've actually planned my blog posts in advance for July, August and September instead of just jumping into everything! Some are actually already done! I'm going on holiday towards the end of the month so I'm going to be writing two weeks worth in advance and basically relying on robots to do the rest! Fingers crossed it actually works. When I get back it will be the beginning of August (In the UK this is the most popular time to go on holiday) so I've planned some post for when I get back that's holiday related including what's in my beach bag and hopefully some look books (so please stay tuned for them).

When I started this blog I didn't really realise how addictive it would actually become, and how unrealistic the goals I was setting was! My goals originally was to post daily on beauty, fashion and lifestyle and after just over two weeks I quickly realised doing this with a full time job on the side isn't really realistic and I'm not making this blog the best I can make it! After some thought I've decided to re set my goals and start uploading to a different schedule, this time a more realistic one. 

Instead of posting everyday I'm going to post every other day at the same time so I have more of a schedule, and I'll also have more time to actually spend on writing my blog posts and actually designing my blog in general. This will give me the flexibility to set up other social media accounts and overall have a better blog! It also means if I want to upload additional blogs on random day to day things I can. I also want to thank the people who have already taken time to read some of my blog posts and for the 350+ views in just over two weeks! This might not seem a huge amount of views to some people, but to me I never imagined that this many people would actually be interested in my blog! This has definitely encouraged me to continue blogging and start taking it more seriously because I never thought I'd like it as much as I do! I also haven't been this happy in ages, so even if lots of people aren't looking at my blog to me I still feel like I've accomplished something! So thank you guys for the support on here and on Instagram.

Thank you for the support so far! Michelle xo.

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