Sunday, 5 July 2015

My 5 tips to stay motivated!

Motivation happens due to internal and external factors that stimulate the energy and desire to work and commit to certain things within your life, whether than be work, school or just life in general! (Yes, I did just Google this!) There are numerous things that play a role in this motivation, some that we make happen ourselves and some that just happen. It's definitely hard growing up in this day and age being motivated all the time since there are so many things that can get in the way. One way that I stay motivated is quotes! They're easy to find, they're literally all over the Internet and you'll be surprised how much some of them actually make you stop and realise that most things aren't as bad as you think!

This quote by Nelson Mandela is definitely one that got me through my textiles A level. At the time everything seemed impossible, I'd start one job and by doing that, I'd end up with another three jobs to do and it felt like everything was against me! No matter how motivated I tried to be there was just challenge after challenge. But I knew it was something I wanted and I had to work as hard I could to do that! The more time I spent stressing over how much I had to do, the more time and energy it actually involved. If I'd just got on with it and tried my hardest without pressuring myself to be perfect then it probably wouldn't have seem so impossible at the time!

Believing in yourself is a key contributor to motivation! If you don't believe in yourself then who will? A 3000 word university essay wont do itself! If you believe in yourself you're far more likely to be motivated to do things. And after all why shouldn't you believe in yourself, you don't know the outcome of anything until you actually give it a go and try. 

Possibly the hardest time to stay motivated is when you feel like you've tried so much harder than your friends on a piece of work or even a blogpost, and then they start after you and  still somehow manage to do better! You don't know everything about your friends just because they said they've started something after you doesn't mean they have! Some people find practical work easy others find mathematical work easier. Everyone is different. They could have been planning and studying for weeks. Generally people aren't going to worry about how you're doing! Stop letting other people rule you, you are your own person! 

Of course striving to be successful is important but whats the point doing something that you class as successful if it just makes you unhappy! You need to make the most of your life and be a positive person. Motivation will come, when you want something so bad that you can't go a day without thinking about it, then you know it's important! Worrying is just another sign that you actually care, so turn the negative emotions into positive motivation and prove yourself wrong! You can do anything you put your mind to! Take every opportunity even if you can't be bothered! Your future self might even thank you for doing the things you have no motivation to do.

My top 5 tips to staying motivated!
1. Believe in yourself and mean it.
2. No motivation doesn't mean failure!
3. Nothing is impossible, even if it feels like everything is against you.
4. Stop caring what other people think, everyone has their own goals in life and you just have to focus on your own.
5. Take even opportunity like it's your last.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope some of these quotes made you think knowing that other people feel exactly the same! 
Michelle xo.

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