Friday, 3 July 2015

Primark Beauty Make Up Brush Review!

If you're new to make up in general or if you just want to try make up brushes for the first time, then Primark has the perfect range of brushes for you! 'P.S Love... This' is the name of their current beauty lines and all the brushes retail between £1 and £3 so they're all very reasonably priced, easy to get hold of in any local Primark store and are reasonably good quality.

Primark P.S Love.. This. 

I now have five brushes from this range and a beauty blender and I'm shocked at how good they actually are! I wasn't really expecting amazing things from these brushes purely because they are so cheap compared to more high end branded make up brushes, but I was pleasantly surprised! 

Foundation & Concealer Brush.

The first brush I purchased was the 'foundation and concealer brush'. It's a double ended brush one end for concealer application and one for foundation application. The concealer end is really easy to use, the brush itself is really small so it makes applying and blending concealer really easily. The foundation brush is a lot bigger because it's being used for a larger area of skin! It's a flat brush so which is perfect for applying foundation around your eyes and nose but also to fix any lines after you've done your eyes or lips! This goes for the concealer and foundation brush, the brushes are so soft! They glide across the skin really easily, the foundation brush doesn't move the concealer if you apply it first and they're just really easy to use! I purchased this brush just after Christmas so I don't actually remember how much it was so don't quote me on this but I think it was about £2.00!

Stippling Brush.

After my success with the 'foundation and concealer brush' it really made me want to try more of the brushes from the range so I went ahead and purchased the stippling brush that retails for £1.50. As soon as I took it out of the packaging I was amazed at how soft this brush is, it's definitely softer than the 'foundation and concealer brush'. I do love using this brush to apply my foundation, but it's also a really good blending brush to use after you've applied highlighter and contoured! Again it's quite small so you can be really precise when you use this for blending. Sadly the handle has fallen off mine so I'll have to purchase a new one or glue the handle back into the brush base but for £1.50 I can deal with that!

Liquid Foundation Brush.

The next brush is a liquid foundation brush, which also retails for £1.50. Although this is for liquid foundation and exactly the same as the foundation brush end of the 'foundation and concealer brush' I actually purchased this for contouring! Because it's a flat brush it's perfect for applying a matte bronzer in the hollows of your checks, on your temples and by your jaw line! I then use the stippling brush to blend this out slightly so I don't just have random darker lines all over my face!

Blusher Brush.

Since I was using these brushes to apply the rest of my make up I thought I'd pick up the blusher brush which is again £1.50. It's not quite as big as a powder foundation brush but it's the perfect size to apply blusher and even bronzer to your checks! Like the other brushes it's really soft and doesn't smudge the rest of my make up. The handle on this brush is half to size of the others so it's makes applying blusher really light!

Kabuki Brush.

The last brush I purchased was the Kabuki brush! This is by far the softest out of all five brushes! It's really big compared to all the other brushes and perfect for applying powder all over your face to set your make up! It's slightly more expensive than all the other brushes at £2.50, but I've got no issues spending that small amount on these brushes even if they do only last me another couple of months! 

Egg Make Up Sponge.

The last item I purchased from the Primark beauty range was a beauty blender dupe. It's called an egg make up sponge and retails for £1.50. At first I was quite disappointed with this product it wasn't applying my foundation evenly and I was just using so much product that it wasn't really worth it! Then I tried making the sponge a little bit damp and this really improved the application of my foundation! It does slightly sheer out the foundation, so you might have to build the foundation in areas that you want more coverage but other than that it's really good! I also really like this sponge for applying concealer under my eyes and anywhere where I have a couple of blemishes quite close to each other! I just rub the concealer directly onto the sponge and then blend it onto my face! Out of the six products this is definitely the one I could live without, purely because it does the same job as all the other brushes but does require slightly more effort, but if you're going travelling or to keep in your handbag for touch ups then this is perfect because it's light, it doesn't take up much space and it's really small. 

I loved the packaging but sadly I threw my all the packaging away before I could take a picture! But the packaging is pink with small black dots on which really matches the brushes themselves which are black with pink tips. I really like the design, it's appealing, pretty, straight to the point stating the name and use of each brush and it has the price labelled on the front and back. 

Overall I would give these products a strong 7 out of 10, for between £1 and £3 they obviously aren't going to be the best make up brushes on the market, but they do the job and they do it well! The brushes are really soft on the skin, the make up looks a lot better than if I applied it with my fingers and it is a lot easier to blend and apply the make up! They wash really well! (I will have a post about how I clean my brushes, so keep an eye out for that one.) I'd would definitely recommend these brushes if you're just starting out wearing make up or if you want to try make up brushes for the first time because they are really well priced and they just do want a make up brush should do!

Thank you all for reading, I hope you all enjoyed this post!
Michelle xo.

Primark Beauty.


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