Sunday, 23 August 2015

Menorcan Tourist.

I might have been here 19 times before but that doesn't stop me walking around with my camera in one hand and my phone in another! Today I thought I'd share with you all some of most popular and traditional things in Menorca, I hope you all enjoy!

The most popular thing all over Menorca are these shoes. Traditionally the soles are made from tyres and they are hand crafted. There are hundreds of different colours, patterns and prints available. Everyone wears them; the kids, the women and the men! I hadn't bought any before now because I didn't think I'd wear them but this year I caved and got this amazing glittery pair. They are so much more comfortable than I thought they would be! 

Hand painted pottery is very popular even with the locals. They use this style of hand painted pottery to decorate inside and outside of their homes. Each design includes a mixture of bright colours including; blue, red and green. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and usually feature floral patterns.

I'll admit I have a collection of these sand filled lizards and tortoises under my bed that I have collected over the years. These are one of the most popular things among children that visit the island because of how colourful they are. They vary is size and are seen in most of the shops within each area of Menorca. You can find these in every colour and pattern and they even do glittery ones! People tend to buy them as gifts for children because all of the other souvenirs are aimed at adults.

Wind chimes are everywhere. They use things such as shells, small pottery shapes and metal to create unique pattern sequences. As with the pottery dishes the pottery wind chimes are hand crafted and paint mainly in the shapes of; sunshines, butterflies and lizards. They are more neutral colours than the other pottery as you can see from the pictures.

The most common animal you see around Menorca is the lizard. You can see them all over the island, roaming around on the rocks and on peoples villas. Here's a picture of one I managed to photograph before it ran off! 

If you've been on holiday or have a holiday booked please leave a comment below of where you are going! 


Friday, 21 August 2015

Summer outfit ideas!

Queue the awkward posing.. Today I thought I'd mix things up with some summer outfit ideas. I've tried to include a mixture of different styles, including some casual and some that are slightly more dressy! I'll list where I got each item below each look, I hope you all enjoy!

Outift 1.
Black knitted Crop top: River Island.
White A line skirt: River Island. 
Basic black sandals: Next. 
White and black mini satchel: River Island. 
Blue bead bracelet: Thomas Sabo. 
Silver watch: Michael Kors.

Outfit 2.
Black floral playsuit: Topshop.
Black cross over sandals: Next.
Black leather bracelet: Pandora.
Silver watch: Michael Kors.

Outfit 3.
Zig zag knitted skater dress: Topshop.
Basic black sandals: Next.
White and black mini satchel: Riverisland. 
Rose gold watch: H Samuel. 
Silver bracelet: Pandora.

 Outfit 4.
Bright yellow zip back top: River Island.
White high waisted skinny jeans: Topshop.
Basic black sandals: Next.
White and black mini satchel: River Island.
Bracelet: Thomas Sabo Karma Bead collection.
Silver Watch: Michael Kors.

Outfit 5.
White border anglais polo dress: Next.
Silver multi strap sandals: Next.
Multicoloured bead bracelet: Thomas Sabo.
Silver watch: Michael Kors.

Outfit 6.
Plain mint crop top: Topshop.
Blue floral linen skirt: Topshop.
Silver multi strap sandals: Next.
Blue bead bracelet: Thomas Sabo.
Silver watch: Michael Kors.

Outfit 7.
Daisy playsuit: F&F at Tesco. 
Gold flip flops: Next.
White and black mini satchel: Riverisland.


Monday, 17 August 2015

What's in my toiletry bag?!

I've already shown you what I've packed in my suitcase, so I thought I would do a more in depth post on what toiletries I take with me for a two week holiday! I use these three toiletry bags that I purchased as a set from next because they are perfect sizes for make up, toiletries, suntan lotion and medication. It also keeps them tidy and all together so I can find everything quickly when I unpack. 

The most important thing that I take on a summer holiday is suntan lotion and after sun. I have fair hair and skin and although I don't burn very easily, I still like to take an assortment of different factors because I use them for different areas. I tend to use a higher factor on my face because that's the area that tans the easiest. I use factor 30 for the first week I'm there and then gradulatly work down in factors as I tan. I then use after sun once I've had a shower to hydrate my skin and to soothe any areas that have slightly burnt. 

Every year I take a different frangranced shower gel. This year I chose Imperial Leathers new Marshmallow frangranced one and it smells amazing! I also take a shower puff to lightly exfoliate my skin because of the amount of different products I'm using all over my skin. One bottle this size usually lasts me the two weeks there when I have a shower every morning and night. 

Next are my hair products. I bring my normal shampoo with me because a full bottle this size is too heavy to pack. At home I don't use conditioner because I have quite oily hair, but on holiday I take a mini one because of the heat, sea water and chlorine. I also pack a mini dry shampoo, I got this one from Wilkinsons and it's actually really good! The scent is really nice and you don't have to use much to give your hair a bit of volume. My favourite hair tool that I can't leave home without, is my favourite hair brush which is my Tangle Teezer. 

Fresh breathe is always good, so I pack a small toothpaste, a mini mouth wash, a normal toothbrush and some dental floss. 

I don't take all the products from my normal face skincare routine. I do bring my normal face wash because it's one that I know works well with my skin, but I bring a mini moisturiser and some baby wet wipes for the rest. I have a full review of this La Roche-Posay Effaclar face wash here if you want to check that out. To moisturise the rest of my body I use the Johnsons baby lotion and some baby oil, but I make sure I have a shower and wash the oil off in the morning so that I don't burn. 

In a hot and humid country deodorant is a must! I bring a roll on and a spray because I prefer to use the spray in the day because I can re apply it easier at the beach. I don't actually pack purfum with me but I do bring a body mist which is also great from freshening up clothing. I also featured the Hollister body mist in my July favorites because I fell in love with the scent. I then purchase a purfume in duty free because it's easier than trying to pack it on the way. 

The next things are all a bit random. The only things I wash when I'm actually on holiday is my bikinis, so I bring a travel wash because the chlorine and salt can stain bikinis so I soak them in this when I have a shower and then rinse them out. I also take a small pack of wet wipe to take to the beach and to use around my room, and a small hand sanitiser to keep in my bag! This year I found a chocolate orange frangranced one in Primark and it's amazing. Next is set of mini nail files and some nail clippers because you never know when you might have a nail disaster. Lastly is a shaver and a refil blade because no one wants to be hairy in a bikini. I've done a full review on this Gillette Venus Snap razor, and it really is ideal for travelling. 

Regardless to if I'm due on my period I bring some supplies just in case. I pack an assortment of pads, tampons and liners so that I have everything ready and just to be prepared. 

That's all of the toiletries I take but I thought I would include my hair things and make up here too. For my hair I take some scruchies, hair ties and some granny clips just so I can keep my hair out of my face when I'm at the beach or if it's too hot! 

I've been loving Benefit make up recently hence why most of the make up here is Benefit. I thought these would be a good idea to take because they're mini sample sizes so the weigh less and are easier to pack. I don't tent to use a lot of make up when I'm on holiday so I've just packed the basics. 

Thank you for reading, I hope I've given you some ideas on what to pack in your toiletry bag. Leave me a comment down below of the one toiletry item you couldn't live without on holiday! 



Saturday, 15 August 2015

Safety in the Sun?

We might have visions of going on holiday and doing nothing but laying in the sun all day and coming home with an amazing tan, but there are some thing you can do to stay safer in the sun and still have an amazing relaxing holiday. 

Here are my five top tip for staying safer in the sun! 

1. Bring all different factors of sun tan lotion and apply them continusiously through out the day. Even if you aren't sitting or laying directly in the sun you can still burn when you are walking around. If the sun tan lotion says its waterproof you still need to reapply it after being in water! 
2. Pack some coverups that cover your shoulders, a hat and some sun glasses.
3. Staying hydrated is key if you don't want to suffer from heat exhaustion or sun stroke. If you are planning on drinking alcohol on holiday make sure you drink plenty of water as well because alcohol can actually dehydrate you. Also with the heat you'll sweat more so you're losing more fluids than you would normally.
4. Everyone has visions of laying around the pool or on the beach all day but try and avoid laying in the sun all day especially at the hottest points of the day. Go swimming, do some walking or sit under the shade to give your self a rest, even if it's just for an hour. The hottest point of the day is usually dinner time when a lot of the locals have a siesta. 
5. Know when you've had enough! If you feel like you're burning then you most probably are. If you feel dizzy, lightheaded or ill then you need to drink more and sit out of the direct sunlight and seek medical advise if your condition gets worse. 

I hope you found some of these tips useful, if you have any other tips then please leave them down below in the comments.


Thursday, 13 August 2015


After hours of scrolling through Triangl's Instagram and looking at every single bikini on their website telling myself I didn't need anymore bikinis, I finally caved and ordered myself two! I originally ordered the Poppy- Paradise Palms and the Farrah- Cherry Love, but after three days of waiting for a tracking number they contacted me to say that the Farrah was out of stock for at least a week in the size I wanted! This should be a lesson to me that ordering holiday clothes two weeks before I'm due to go on holiday, isn't always a good idea!

First let me talk about their customer service! With 9 days left until I was due to go on holiday getting an email saying they were out of stock in my size wasn't what I wanted to wake up to, but after emailing them and asking for advice of what to do, they quickly replied giving me different options. I decided to order a different colour in the Farrah design and eventually went for the Farrah- Golden Fields. They were so fast in replying and were so helpful in changing my order for me, that the bikinis actually arrived at my door 3 days later?! 

They charge a flat rate of $20 for shipping to the United Kingdom, and that doesn't cover importing and duty tax so it can work out quite expensive, but if you're willing to spend between $79 and $99 for the bikini then you can't really leave the parcel at the airports international sorting office. Mine were delivered with Fedex and once I was sent the tracking number I was able to view the location of the parcel and the estimated delivery date which is good if you are making plans and you don't want to end up missing your parcel being delivered.

Both the bikinis came in one Fedex priority package. Because I ordered the Poppy style bikini they actually placed both bikini's inside the large matte black box that it comes with which is good because they had a lot more protection whilst in transit. Sadly my box was slightly damaged on the side, but it can still be used to store the bikinis so that's not a huge issue.

Now onto the bikinis themselves. The first one I picked was the Poppy- Paradise Palms, that retails for $89. As with all Triangl bikini's they're made of neoprene so they are a lot more structured than normal bikinis. I loved the colours of this bikini as soon as I removed it from the packaging. The bikini has a light shimmer to it and it really glitters when you're in the sun which I love! I also think this bikini is really girly without being frilly and fancy and the mesh and white really adds a sporty edge to it. 

I selected this bikini because I fell in love the mesh detailing, it really stands out against the pink and the black and it just looks really flattering on. I like that the bottoms also have the mesh on the hips area because it ties the two together. 

As with all the Triangl bikini designs they have a unique clasp at the back. The logo side slides into the clasp, it's really strong so you don't have to worry about it opening when you move or just opening by itself. It also has the Triangl logo engraved into it. 

The second bikini I ordered was the Farrah- Golden Fields that also retails for $89. I usually hate triangle shaped bikini tops but I fell in love with the design of this bikini and I've now actually fallen in love the fit of the top, it's so comfy!

Unlike the first bikini that had the same colour top and bottoms this bikini is completely different and has a mix and match feel. When it first arrived I wasn't really sure if I liked the two colours together because they were so different and I generally like to buy the matching top and bottoms that are the same colour, but it looks completely different on and I think it looks really nice.

The top is bright yellow with white crochet detailing on the triangles. The straps are plain black which ties in with the edging of both the top and the bottoms.

The bottoms are a beautiful bright purple colour with white crochet detail around the edging between the purple and the black. I like that they have included the same stitch on the top and bottoms because you can see they match together and also it just completes the design. The white stitching also really stands out because of the contrast with the black around the edging of the bikini.

As for the sizing, I ordered the same size in both bikinis even though the tops are a completely different style. I got an XSmall for the tops and a Small for the bottoms. For bras I usually wear a 32A or a 30B depending on where I shop and a size 6 in most jeans. I really like that the tops have adjustable straps because if they didn't they probably would've been too big for me. The bottoms are a hipster bikini shape and they fit me perfectly, but when I do go in water they tend to move slightly but that doesn't really bother me. The do have a bit of stretch but not as much as normal bikinis do so, although a smaller size might fit they might look like they are cutting in around the legs a bit, so I would definitely use the live chat on their website to see what sizes they suggest, as I spoke to a couple of them and they all suggested the same size for me, which fits perfectly. The only thing I will say about the bottoms are that they fill with water, so you have to pull the leg a little bit when you get out of the water so that the water can drain out but you get used to it after wearing it for an hour. 

The bikinis also come with a care card, because you can't wash them like you would with normal bikinis. I've worn both of mine and I just swill them out in plain cold water and leave them to dry on a towel on the floor and they seem fine. The colour doesn't seem to have faded at all and they still fit exactly the same.

Overall I would definitely recommend these bikinis! They are so much more comfortable than normal bikinis, they don't fall off or move too much when you move around and they are just so comfortable that you forget you're wearing them. I also like that the bikini bottoms aren't too skimpy, so I don't feel uncomfortable walking around without a cover up on! I would definitely order more of these bikinis in the future because I love all the unique designs and the fit of these bikinis, so I would definitely say they are worth the money in the long run!