Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Hand Luggage Must Haves!

I pretty much pack the same things in my hand luggage every year. These essentials don't necessarily have to be just for flying these could also come in useful on a train journey, a bus ride or even a car journey.  But for me not matter how long the flight is I need to bring these things with me!

Apart from the obvious which is my passport and boarding pass, my number one travelling essential is my ipod! I like to listen to this on the journey to the airport, in the airport and especially on the plane. I don't like to fall asleep on the plane so this gives me some entertainment and also relaxes me. It also means everyone around me can still sleep in peace when I'm listening to my earphones. Before hand I download some new songs onto my ipod so that I don't get bored of the same old songs. I also put some apps on there that don't require internet so I can keep my self occupied on the actual flight.

The next thing are sweets! I like to eat. All the time. I get some of these small packets of sweets because they're so easy to pack in my hand luggage. I also pick sweets rather than things such as chocolate because they can't melt. Chewy sweets are also perfect for when you take of in the plane because they help with stopping your ears popping. 

The rest of my hand luggage is filled with my electrical items that I don't want to pack within my actual suitcase. I pack my phone which is really just to use in the airport when we are waiting, but it also comes in handy to take some photos and to use when if I find wifi. I also pack things like my camera and my GoPro in my hand luggage so they can't get damaged in my suitcase.  

The rest of the things in my hand luggage are a bit random. I use a small toiletry bag to keep all my jewellery together. This also stops everything getting tangled or lost at the bottom of my bag. I then keep a note pad and a pen, because you never know if you have to fill out any forms on the plane, and it's also useful to jot down some notes of things that you think of when you are there. When I've gone through security I purchase my magazines or books then because I haven't got to account for them when they weigh my bag at check in. 

Leave a comment below of the number one item you can't travel without! Thank you for reading. 


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